ION Fashion Concert featuring Daughtry (in the pouring rain!)

“I was blown away. What could I say?”

Exactly my sentiment watching Daughtry’s performance on Friday during the ION Fashion Concert. Loud cheers were heard as everyone caught a glimpse of 3/5 of Daughtry; Chris Daughtry, Elvio Fernandes and Brian Craddock. Even though, the whole band was not there, it does not feel as if we were short-changed as the concert got everyone singing and rocking out to the songs.

Daughtry opened the concert with Baptized, one of the singles from their latest album. Looking at the crowd, Chris shared that he loves how intimate this concert was and feels as if they are performing in someone’s living room. They then serenaded the fans with seven of their hit songs such as Tonight, Over You, Life After You, What About Now It’s Not Over and Battleship before the rain started to join in the fun. Listening to Home live while being accompanied by the droplets of water at first seems so perfect. The lyrics and the weather fits perfectly. However, the rain was relentless and despite the band wanting to continue, for safety reasons they were asked to stop.

It’s not over…

They could not possibly leave us hanging! God heard our prayers and soon, Daughtry was back on stage to finish their performance of Home. Chris also took the time to interact with the audience by asking them to sing along to the songs ensuring them that it is not rude to do so, cracked some jokes and thanking everyone for all their support. Elvio and Brian shared that they love being here and if given the chance to come back, they would love too.

The concert ended with September and Waiting for Superman. I was hungry for more music from Daughtry and was secretly hoping the concert would last longer. I believe I was not the only one feeling that way. The atmosphere and the quality of performance feels as if you are are attending a proper concert. Hey Daughtry, I’m waiting for the Asia Tour Dates, early next year, maybe?

The Fifth Parlour would like to wish ION Orchard Happy 5th Anniversary. Keep rocking and we can’t wait to celebrate your 6th anniversary! 

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