Songwriters Night at Barbershop by Timbre Provides Avenue for Upcoming Musicians

By now hopefully most of you have noticed that indeed Singapore is filled with talents but they have minimal opportunities to showcase it. Thanks to SGMUSO, a non-profit entity that supports local musicians who wants to explore the music industry, they now have a platform.

Credits: Gentle Bones

This week, SGMUSO held a Songwriters Week where they gather like-minded individuals who have a passion for music and songwriting. Music Matters Live’s alumni Adam Lyons from the band FAIRCHILD and Lyon Apprentice was there to share his vast knowledge and experience to the aspiring musicians. Adam also took time to collaborate with some of Singaporean musicians such as Take Two, Gentle Bones, Linying and many more.

Yesterday, audiences at Barbershop by Timbre were treated to 2 hours of great music from Take Two, Linying, Jaime Wong, Adam Lyons and many others during the open mic session.

Credits: SGMUSO

Take Two opened the show and managed to grab everyone’s attention with their originals. It was my first time listening and watching them live and wow, I was impressed not only by the band’s performance but the rest of the talents who performed. Adam closed the show with songs from FAIRCHILD and Lyon Apprentice. He collaborated with Take Two and Linying and got the crowd screaming. It got me wanting more and I cannot wait for the songs that both performers have worked with Adam. If they sounded great live, I’m sure they will sound even better recording!

The session ended with Open Mic session where musicians who have attended the Songwriters Open Circle are encouraged to perform. I managed to listen to two of them performed and their voices sounded really great. I’m really happy to see that the music industry in Singapore is changing. Thanks to SGMUSO, now, Singapore musicians have a platform to showcase their talents. Not only that, collaboration between an experienced artist with Singapore upcoming musicians is important too because this will help them to clear their doubts about the industry and also learn more about it before venturing further. Aspiring musician, if you want to go further in the music industry, you can check out SGMUSO out!

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