Raisa in Singapore

One of the top soulful Indonesian female singer, Raisa Andriana,successfully launched her first solo concert in Singapore at Star Theater last week.


During the press conference, she expressed how it is an honour for her to be able to perform her first ever solo concert in Singapore. She hoped that she will be able to be  more interactive with the audience as to create a more relax and intimate session with her fans and she successfully did that!

Our very own  local talent Sezairi opened the show with his hit single,Sayang before Raisa and her band hit the stage with Apalah Arti Menunggu and Pergilah. Even though she kept reminding the audience that she was really nervous to be on stage, she managed to wow us with her soothing voice and high notes.

Credits: Flabbergast Productions

Followed by songs from her 2nd album,Heart to Heart,where all the songs are mostly connected to her personally.As she mentioned she want to start with happy songs before getting mellow,she continued her performance with Bersinar and Let Me Be(I Do).She openly shared her story and the song she wrote about her ex boyfriend in,Teka teki and definitely blowed the audience away with her ballad songs,Pemeran Utama and LDR(long distance relationship)which most of the audience actually can relate the song to themselves personally too.

Giving endless impressive thoughts,Raisa started to get more intimate and personal by sharing how she started her music career.She covered some of her childhood Disney songs, A whole new world and Hakuna Matata.Followed by covers from her favorite international artist who have inspired her like Brian McKnight,Westlife,India Arie,Sam Smith and also one of the local Indonesian Artist,Marcell.

Serba Salah,is one of of her first well written original track that get her to start her music career.Before leaving the stage,she beautifully sang Bye Bye and Mantan Terindah followed by her closing performance,Could it Be,where she encouraged all the audience to stand .The whole audience,especially the guys who didn’t want to miss out seeing the amazing singer upclose,crowd around the front stage. Raisa ended her last song perfectly with all of the audience singing and clapping along to her performance.

One of the nights to be remembered and we hope Raisa will be able to continuously be back in Singapore for her future concerts.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Flabbergast Productions for the invitation to Raisa Live in Singapore! 

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