ePure Magic Jelly mask

“Not enough time for Facial? Magic Mask! Instant result! 60% more Hydrated, 55% more Refined and 52% Brighter. No more shocking bills for facial”. That is what attracted me to this product.

Sometimes, we are just so busy that we have no time for facial treatments. Since there is a product that can help me save money on facial treatments, I decided to give it a try.

Once, I had terrible uneven skin tone thanks to the sun while I was on a holiday. Adding to that, I did not apply sunscreen because I forgot to bring it along. It was taking me quite a while to recover from the uneven skin tone. I tried on different products but EPURE MEMBRANOUS JELLY MASQUE suited me.

I did encounter dehydration on my face due to lack of water, but this product is wonderful and enhanced my skin moisture just after one application.The mask has a cooling effect. From dull, uneven skin tone,dry skin,dark circle and eye bag,the magic mask manage to clear it all and my skin turns brighter, glowing, pores refined, skin texture improve. Visibly,the blackhead is magically gone too.

The after effect shows instantly after 30- 40 mins of application .Its doesn’t prolong for a long period but it does serve a positive results likewise the after feels of having a facial treatment.

By far, its the best and most effective facial mask that I’ve tried. Its a Jelly base mixture that could brighten ones face instantly.Other than getting a fairer and smoother texture for my skin,my skin feels tighter and fresh.

Its a perfect moisture mask for me twice a month and as an excuse for me to avoid facial treatment.Minimal Time,Maximum results!

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