Zizan Razak is on a learning journey still!

Recently the cast and crew of Bahanya Wanita came to town and we had the chance to interview two of the artists, one of which is Zizan “Raja lawak” Razak.

Being the only male main cast in the play, Zizan shared that it is a very humbling experience to be working alongside his esteemed female peers, Erra Fazira, Umie Aida, and Nora Danish, who have made names for themselves in Malaysia as well as across the causeway. They are generous with sharing their experiences and they are absolute professionals.

Zizan views himself as someone who is “green”, new, and learning still. His co-stars have provided him with a lot of motivation and advice to move along in this industry.

This play is Zizan’s first full theatre production he has done, and first time playing it in Singapore as well.

When asked what is next for him, Zizan shared that right after Singapore, Bahayanya Wanita would have a few shows in Malaysia, and then afterwards he would be busy shooting a movie directed by Ghaz Abu Bakar.

In a few years Zizan would love to be given the opportunity to direct. He admits that he is still learning and his experiences are still limited, but if given a chance, he wants to try directing a telemovie. What genre you asked? Horror film! Of course he also shared that he would give what the audience wants.

5 random facts about Zizan:

1) He loves playing on his phone….in the restroom! He cheekily shared that is when he feels most inspired. He is also thankful that thus far, have not had any experience of his phone falling in the toilet. 😉

2) He loves cooking. But only he himself would be able to appreciate it.

3) Zizan loves babies and kids. He believes that kids are honest and they can always be trusted to tell the truth.

4) He also loves looking at pregnant ladies..! He finds that their natural glow is very mesmerising and their tummies are cute.

5) Lastly, he absolutely loves to hang out with “makciks” (matured aunties) and one of the reasons is that they like to gossip!

Zizan sure is a character..!

Despite the fact that he was having dinner, Zizan was gracious enough to accede to our request for an interview. We are forever grateful for this oppurtunity.

Thank you Zizan for your time, and we at The Fifth Parlour wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Thank you to Picqu from Cocoon Films for co-ordinating this interview.

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