Independent Artist, Lancifer, Sets To Wow You With His Talent

Lane Terzieff or better known as Lancifer was in Singapore during the weekend for a short trip and he managed to squeeze in a gig in between his stay in Singapore. The Fifth Parlour got the opportunity to interview this talented singer who has been praised by Kesha and Scooter Braun.

To date, Lancifer has released an EP and full length album, One Night to Live, last March. The album which consists of 17 fun, pop, and dance songs which were mostly written and produced by Lancifer. This gives him the freedom to mix and experiment with other instruments. The album also features collaborations with Trace Cyrus (Miley Cyrus’ brother) from Ashland HIGH, Alex Kopp from Third Eye Blind and Sam Pepper to name a few.

Aside from the album, Lancifer has also just released a new single, Take Me Home which he recommends everyone to listen to if you are checking him out for the first time.

Lancifer  is no stranger to music festivals. He has performed at SXSW, Warped Tour, Summer In The City (London), Video Day (Germany), Frizon (Sweden) and the list continues. Lancifer recalled to his most memorable performance thus far, playing to  his first arena show in Germany last year to 10, 000 people. As an independent artist, this is quite an achievement I must say.

Credits: Lancifer

Currently, Lancifer is busy volunteering in Mae Sot, in North Thailand, and will be living there for another month, before his Asia and Europe tour. His volunteering includes teaching the Burmese children music, songwriting, dance and sharing his knowledge . He loves spending time with the kids because they show him how easy it is to attained happiness even though they are going through a hard time. “Live life and don’t worry about stupid stuffs,” was what Lancifer summed up to what his stay in Thailand has taught him. Lancifer shared that in LA, people tend to get caught up in life for example, getting famous and making money and that is all that matters to them which it otherwise in Thailand.

As someone who stands by his religion, in previous interviews, Lancifer has shared that at times, he do face some difficulties standing by his faith being in this wild and crazy as he describes the industry . However, to Lancifer, as long one knows what he is doing and it is not opposing to his beliefs, there will not be difficulties and he is sure that he is able to handle it.

This talented young man can sing, rap, write songs, skate and play drums. What else is he good at?

Ballroom dancing he says. I thought he was kidding but yes, Lancifer shared that he is good at ballroom dancing and even asked us if there is any place in Singapore he can do that. Looks like he is serious about it.

If I could describe Lancifer in two words, it would be Energizer Bunny, just because of his high energy performance and his attitude. Just so you know, before his performance, Lancifer spent a few hours in Sentosa, swimming under the blazing sun. Most of us would feel tired after that but not Lancifer. He was able to perform five songs alongside with some dancing and jumping. His energetic performance is very infectious that you will want to jump with him too. Tired does not even exist in his dictionary!

It is evident that this young man is not chasing after popularity in this industry but spreading his passion in music to music lovers and help others in return. Truth to be told, it is a gem to find someone who is not after money and popularity but passionate about music.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Lancifer for the interview. All the best in your future endeavors and we hope that you visit Singapore again. 

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