Ellie Goulding’s Hypnotic Dance Moves

When Ellie Goulding walked into the room, everybody just went into an awed hush. Wearing a floral dress with high cut sneakers, Ellie looked effortlessly chic and relaxed.

Hosted by Shan Wee of Radio Hot 91.3FM, the press conference started off with Ellie sharing that she is currently watching and catching up on Game of Thrones. She finds herself intrigued with the storyline. Ever since young, Ellie have been into medieval stories.

Ellie was asked about what will she be up to after this: Around October, once the tour ends, Ellie wants to travel a bit for leisure, and then get some rest to get inspiration for her next record. Most of the songs written by her have been mostly about love and relationships. Ellie is slowly trying to experiment writing about science and somehow make it work with her current genre.

She is absolutely passionate about running. It is purely endorphin releasing outlet and when she runs, her focus is 100% on running. She rather concentrate on running than let her mind wander about anything else including music. Although it may not help much with her music, she also added the stamina helps her get through her shows being more energetic and pumped up for her performances and it helps with her breathing.


Ellie recalled that working with Calvin Harris was really fun. She would also not rule out a collaboration with Taylor Swift (Ellie attended Taylor’s show in Singapore!) although as mentioned before her main focus is about taking a break after this tour.

Being passionate about charity is one of the reasons that Ellie’s fans love about her. She mentioned that she wants to remove the spikes that have been placed around London to prevent homeless people from sleeping on the streets.

Ellie used to have insecurities about her looks. She don’t think she will get over it, but it has everything to do with how she deals with it. Before this, Ellie was not able to even attend her own press conferences as it is daunting. She got to a point where she stopped caring about what people think of her, having a positive attitude, and felt more comfortable in her own skin.

Credits: Marcus Lin for Now/Live

Much like what was said during her press conference, later that night, Ellie put up a show that is pleasing to all the senses. Her dance moves coupled with her hypnotic voice made for a great concert. Opening her concert with Figure 8, at first the mood was a bit chilled as she sang songs from her previous albums.

As soon as she started singing her more popular songs, such as Lights, Anything Can Happen and I Need Your Love, the energy from the crowd was almost palpable. Ellie performed an impressive amount of songs (21 to be exact) and not once did her energy falter. Ending the whole concert with Burn, the crowd was clearly feeding off of her energy and vice versa when everybody danced and sang their hearts out.

Credits: Marcus Lin for Now/Live

As much as I love her dance moves, the main focus for me personally was her impressive vocals. Ellie is one of those artists who sounds good on records, but even better live. I reckon her vocals would sound even more spectacular in an intimate venue such as The Esplanade.

Credits: Marcus Lin for Now/Live

Whatever it may be, if given the chance, I would love to catch her live performance again and again!

Thank you Universal Music Singapore for the Press Conference invitation! 

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