[EXCLUSIVE] UNION J talks about life after X Factor and says they can’t wait to meet Singapore JCats + dishes in on new single!

Talented British quartet boy band, Union J first entered the music scene when they participated and won fourth place in the 2012 series of British reality program, X Factor and to date, have garnered a considerable amount of fans worldwide.

Consisting of Jaymi Hensley, JJ Hamblett, Josh Cuthbert and George Shelley, the band swooned the hearts of many with their amazing vocals and visuals and they are set to heat up the music scene once again this month with the release of the first single of their second album, Tonight (We Live Forever).

Union J upcoming single – TONIGHT (WE LIVE FOREVER)

Having been in the industry for two years, they have built quite an impressive portfolio which includes having their own UK headline tour and releasing autobiography books – Our Story: Union J 100% Official and The Official Union J 2014 Annual as well as official merchandises such as collectable look-alike dolls and stickers.

In an interview with The Fifth Parlour, George, JJ and Jaymi shared their thoughts on life after X-Factor and dished in on their upcoming single which is set to be out today!

Earlier this year, they released an official collection of look-alike dolls with Vivid. When asked on their thoughts about it, the band enthusiastically responded that it was a crazy experience working on the project and they were ecstatic to see how spine tinglingly realistic the dolls were. JJ shared that as a kid, he loved to play with action-men dolls and even had a complete collection of it! In contrast, youngest member George shared that he was more of a computer games kid.

Union J with their collectible look-alike dolls!

Over the span of two years, the band has released various singles as well as covers and has been performing actively on various shows and gigs. George and Jaymi shared that the most precious moment to them was performing to a crowd of 80,000 people at the prestigious Wembley stadium during the Capital Summertime Ball 2013. To JJ, it was the moment when they walked out for the first time on their very own Union J tour and knowing that every single person in the crowd were there for the team made it a very special and unforgettable memory.

Recalling their first meeting together as a band, JJ shared that he instantly knew that he would be able to get along fine with the members despite them coming from different walks of life. He added that as much as they are different from each other, they have a lot of things in common too and today, they are like brothers to each other. Jaymi had an interesting first impression of George. He said, “I remember him looking so young and quite shy. Then, he started laughing and didn’t stop for forever. He’s a really funny guy!”.

Having gained fame with their outstanding vocals in their run on the 2012 series of X Factor, their fanbase has been expanding fast and wide. Jaymi recounted his experience of coming out from his hotel room to be greeted by 30 fans sleeping outside – calling it his craziest encounter with fans. Recently, they went to Portugal for a performance and JJ shared that the Portuguese crowd were crazy amazing and loud and they love them for that.

Union J at Capital Summertime Ball 2013

Following the success of their first self-titled album last year, Union J is set to release their second album this year and they promised an album that would be much different from their previous one. George added that it would have more Union J color to it and they will show an upgraded version of the team after analyzing their strengths and weaknesses as a team. He shared their excitement for their upcoming single and mentioned that they have been thinking of releasing it with different versions, so fans would have to wait and see. As they are embarking on a new start with a fresh label, Jaymi shared that they want to produce the best music and make sure that the album would be the best it can possible be.

Acknowledging the love and support of the fans from our sunny shores, they expressed their enthusiasm on meeting Singapore JCats and shared that they’ll be sure to reciprocate it with hugs and songs during their visit here. Former jockey, JJ extended his love for Singapore when he mentioned that at one point of time, he actually wanted to move to Singapore as it provided a good environment for him to develop his passion for horses. To Jaymi, it has been a long-life ambition to come out and perform and he shared that he couldn’t be any happier to be able to do it with Union J – making it a more memorable journey for him.

Union J Debut Album

In George words, the union of these four different individuals is akin to a chemical reaction which created a music potion upon mixing each member’s elements, much to the delight of both the fans and band. Look forward to seeing a new, refined side to the talented yet humble and down-to-earth quartet with their second album!

For those who have yet to know Union J, have a listen to the acoustic version of their debut single, Carry You – a song Jaymi identified closely to the team’s journey!

Special thanks to Martin Wright for helping us coordinate the interview with Union J! 🙂

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