Tim Harding of Hi-5 on Fatherhood

Growing up, you will tend to have a crush on a TV personality and  imagine them to be your boyfriend. While growing up, I love to watch Hi-5. I remember singing along to the songs and my favourite segment was Kathleen. However, I was also attracted to the cuteness of Tim Harding just like any other girls who watched Hi-5 at that time.

L.O.V.E is one of my favourite songs of all time. Honestly, I can still remember the lyrics and the dance steps. While reminiscing my childhood memories, I randomly searched for the original Hi-5 members’ social media sites and chanced upon Tim’s Twitter and Facebook. Hence, for our Father’s Day special, we will be featuring the one and only,  Tim Harding.

Tim with family, Nathasha (Wife) & Arielle (Daughter)

Tim left Hi-5 in 2007 after suffering injuries from a serious motorbike accident. Life after Hi-5 was very different as things take for a slow turn now instead of the fast paced time touring and filming for Hi-5.

Tim got married in 2008  to Natasha and welcomed their first child Arielle in 2011. Fatherhood has made Tim reassessed his priorities. For example, there are a lot of things that seems so important back in the days, but now, it seems so trivial and stupid. Tim shared that ever since becoming a dad, his relationship with his parents has improved. Now, he is able to understand why they did what they did to him all these years. “Love knows no bounds,” added Tim. This is what he learnt when both his wife and him carried Arielle for the first time.

Credits: Tim Harding

Arielle has been keeping Tim buzy. One of their activities together is dancing along to Hi-5. Tim revealed that Arielle loves to watch Hi-5. It would be great if we are able to see a video of both of them dancing to one of the songs. Other than spending time with his daughter, Tim still do dabble in acting and singing every now and then. He is also into surfing thus he spent most of his time restoring surfboards particularly old ones.

Recalling back performing in Hi-5 brings back lots of memories. He received a lot of fan gifts from fans. According to Tim, the best gift he received was a single Euro dollar, by a young boy, that he still keeps it till now. The young boy’s father said that the money was the boy’s pocket money and he insisted on giving Tim the dollar. Awww, such a sweet boy. Tim puts the dollar in trust and hopefully it will grow and helped a charity in time to come.

When asked if the original casts were asked to do a reunion show someday, would he be game for it?

Tim absolutely loves the idea. He would love to get everyone back together at some point and have always love singing with the group. He still keeps in touch with the rest even though Kathleen lives in the US and Nathan is travelling between Melbourne and Sydney. I really hope they will together one day because I miss the original casts of Hi-5!

Tim performing with his rock band, Pangaea back in the UK

Hi-5 fans, if you would like to keep in touch or get updates from Tim, you can follow him on Twitter, @Psylo_Pangaea (Psylo is what Tim was called when he was in a rock band, in UK, called Pangaea) and on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/timharding.psylo.

I guess the best advice I can give is that being a good parent is not all about giving your kids everything. It’s not about providing them with all the material things that you think (and sometimes they think) will make them happy. It’s about sharing your life with them; your time, your experience, your happiness and your love with them. The happiest children are the ones who (regardless of their socio-economic background) know with and absolute certainty that the people that they love most love them unconditionally. Amazingly enough; the same is true for adults. – Tim Harding advice to young fathers

The Fifth Parlour would like wish all Fathers a very Happy Father’s Day. Thank you Tim for the interview. 


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