Bring your Father to Trick Eye Museum Singapore this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is in 5 days. Have you planned what you will be doing with your dad?

Do you have a cheeky dad that loves to liven up the atmosphere?

Does your dad loves to take pictures?

If you answered yes to both questions, I have the perfect place for you to bring your Dad during the Father’s Day weekend.

The famous Trick Eye Museum in Seoul opens its doors in Singapore on 8 June 2014 to the public. Situated at Resorts World Sentosa’s Waterfront, Trick Eye Museum feature six theme zones, with 80 three-dimensional paintings and optical illusion masterpieces. Visitors to the museum can expect to see paintings and masterpieces that will look great on camera.

Some masterpiece or paintings might confuse you and you might have difficulties thinking on how to pose. Not to worry, accompanying every paintings and masterpieces will be a photo guide. Else, just look at the people around you for inspirations. I’m sure you are looking forward to what the museum offers. Check out some of the pictures I took with my Mum during the grand opening.

What is interesting in the museum is that there is no right or wrong pose. It is up to your creativity. Therefore, each picture can be interpreted differently by different people.

It might look boring to some of you but trust me, you got to experience it for yourselves to enjoy it. Expect a lot of squatting and bending when you try to fit yourselves in the hole or cage. The six theme zones will tire you out. Do not worry of the crowd inside the museum because they limit the number of people entering the museum thus you will have space to take your pictures and have enough time to take numerous shots.

If you are interested to go to the museum, you need to grab this amazing promotion. From now till 22 June, Trick Eye Museum is offering 50% discounts on all tickets. Therefore, for adults you only need to pay $12.50 ($25) and for senior citizens and child, you will need to pay $10 ($20).

Bring your whole family to Trick Eye Museum today and remember to standby extra memory cards or camera because you will take more pictures than you expected. My Mum and I took over 100 pictures within two hours!

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Waterfront @ Resort World Sentosa,

26 Sentosa Gateway

Singapore 098138

Mon – Sun: 10:00 – 21:00

6795-2370 / 2371

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