Food Review: Cake Love

When you think about Jalan Pisang, two notable names will come to your mind, Hajjah Maimunah, the famous eatery which sells nasi padang and Fluff Bakery which sells delicious cupcakes. Time to add one more name to your list. Located opposite Hajjah Maimunah and close to Fluff Bakery is Cake Love.

Cake Love is serves cakes, cupcakes, desserts and finger foods.  Cake love  was featured on MediaCorp Suria last year as part of a reality series. Known as Cinta Kek at that time, the series shows how the four cousins managed the business and overcome obstacles faced along the way. I was way more attracted to the delicious cakes and desserts rather than the drama. Hence, I have been trying to track down the store and finally found out that Cake Love is actually Cinta Kek.

Given the small space, Cake Love is decorated with cute drawings and posters. Accompanied with great music and FREE wifi, what more can you ask for in a cafe.

When you first stepped in the cafe, your eyes will be focused to the delicacies. You can find cheesecakes, macaroons, pies and cupcakes of different flavours. So which are the desserts that caught our attention and is a must try when you visit Cake Love?

If you love caramel and chocolates, the Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart ($6.80) is for you. The chocolate , chocolate crust and caramel filing gives the tart a rich flavour. This tart should be shared if you do not want to get sore throat as it can get very sweet at some point.

Macarons tend to be overated at some cafes. It is hard to find the right macarons as most of the times, it can be too sweet. At Cake Love, the macarons taste just right, not too sweet. Most importantly, when you bite it, it melts in your mouth.  When you bite into the Pandan Coconut, it will remind you of the Pandan Chiffon Cake. The taste similar but in this case, it tastes sweeter. The red velvet chocolate filing tasted just like red velvet. I am not really a fan of red velvet and I do not see the hype in red velvet. The strawberry macaron was chewy and tasted like bubblegum which became a hit with my friends.

How about their cupcakes?

I was not really attracted to their cupcakes but I gave a chance at their Tiramisu. Disappointed is the word I would describe because only the icing tasted of tiramisu.

Other than their desserts, you should try their Hot Chicks and Rock My Fries!

Hot Chicks ($8.90) is served with mayonnaise. We did not even touched the mayonnaise because the chicken tasted great and do not need to be accompanied by any sauce. If you like Pizza Hut drumlets, you will love this. The barbeque taste is not too sweet and even though it is named Hot Chicks, it is not spicy.

At a glance you might just think it is just fries, so what? Rock My Fries ($6.50) served with sour cream and salsa sauces is not oily. Generous serving and the thick slices of the fries will fill your stomach in no time.

Overall, I love Cake Love and hope to see more varieties in the menu. It is a nice place to chill with your friends. We even did our interview with Jeremy Passion at Cake Love. I hope the next time I am back to Cake Love, the waiting time will be lesser. 🙂

Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, why not bring your Mum to Cake Love after shopping at Bugis and Arab Street. Bond with your mum over these sweet desserts.

Cake Love

4 Jalan Pisang
Singapore 129071

Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday: 12pm – 9pm

Friday – Saturday: 12pm – 11pm 

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