YouTube Sensation, Jason Chen, performed Singapore’s first crowdsourced song, I Got You

Yesterday, YouTube Sensation, Jason Chen, performed ‘I Got You’ to a crowd at Bugis Junction. ‘I Got You’ is Singapore’s first crowdsourced song. In conjunction to celebrate World IP Day, fans and Singaporeans were encouraged to send in lyrics on the website to complete the song.

It is great to see the collaboration between the singer-songwriter and the public.  I think we should encourage these collaborations because we might new and hidden talents in Singapore. Other than performing ‘I Got You’, Jason performed medley of his originals such as Best Friend, covers of David Tao’s songs and Bruno Mars’, ‘When I Was Your Man’.

It was an emotional performance when he sung ‘When I Was Your Man‘ as Jason confessed that he has just ended his relationship with his girlfriend the day before. It must be tough for a performer to entertain others while nursing a broken heart.  Jason assured fans that they can expect more originals sad love songs soon. If writing about love songs can help you ease your broken heart, we hope for the best for you.

To commemorate World Intellectual Property (IP) Day which is celebrated in more than 100 countries, local performers were invited to share about what IP means to them. The talented band, The Sam Willows, kicked off the evening with their originals such as ‘Crimson’ and ‘Glasshouse’. 

It was unfortunate that they only got to perform three songs as both Sandra and Benjamin had to rush off for the Ah Boys to Men Musical. Nevertheless, they managed to attract the attention of those who were at Bugis Junction as well as the passers- by. Who could resist their good looks and great voice?

Singapore Idol winner, Taufik Batisah, charmed the crowd with his voice and moves. Everytime , he is on stage, girls started screaming and chanting his name. This year marks his 10th year in the music industry since his Idol days. As a performer, Taufik has grown a lot. He is now a mentor, a producer, a song writer and the list goes on.

Hey Taufik, maybe you want to add being a counselor, as a side job? Listening to him sharing about his life and giving inspiration talks makes you think about moving forward and how the sky’s the limit.

MICappella then serenaded the crowd with their rendition of ‘Royals’ by Lorde. MICappella is said to be Singapore’s first vocal band. If you listened to them on the radio, you will think that they were accompanied by bands who are playing the bass or guitar. All those background music you listened to are actually their voices.

The duo, Jack and Rai  were also present and they performed a few songs. Collectively, the performers shared about how hard they have worked for their career and it just takes one person to ruin it. If you start downloading illegally, it will affect them. “It takes you one day just to download the video, but it takes me three days to make the video,” explained Jason. Jason added that if everyone keeps downloading illegally, then he will have to go back to his accounting job which he does not look forward to.

So before downloading something, think again, will you like it if someone takes your hardwork without crediting or paying you?

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