The First 25 Bands that will rock Music Matters Live

Music Matters will be back next month. Held every May at Clarke Quay, this music festival attracts band from all over the world. Yesterday, the organiser finally released the first 25 bands that will be playing at Clarke Quay from May 21 to 24.

From Australia, we have Jeremy Neale, Ash Grunwald, Dune Rats, Empra and Tully On Tully. Other than performing at Music Matters, Empra will also be performing at Hard Rock Cafe on May 22.

Not forgeting, our friends from Lyon Apprentice. If you find them familiar, they performed last year at Music Matters with their band, Fairchild.

Representing France will be Juveniles who is currently working on their second album.

Dualist Inquiry will be representing India for Music Matters.  According to Rolling Stone, “Dualist Inquiry is adding another dimension to the EDM scene in the country.”

Representing Indonesia will be Endah N Rhesa, Stars and Rabbit and soloist Afgan. Afgan has been to Singapore for a few times and even held a concert here. He is quite a favourite amongst the Malay girls here.

The only representative from Ireland is Bufallo Sunn. They have just released a new single, By Your Side. Check them out!

Representing Malaysia will be Bunkface!, Kyoto Protocol and Mad August. This will not be Bunkface!’s first appearance in Singapore.

Representing Philippines are Join the QUEST and Slapshock.

Representing Portugal is the one and only The Stonewolf Band.

Representing Taiwan are 熱狗 MC HotDog, 四分衛 Quarterback and 拾參樂團 The 13 Band.

Lastly, we have our very own local talents. Representing Singapore during Music Matters are Trick, Ming Bridges, former Singapore Idol Winner Sezairi Sezali and Gentle Bones.

Are you ready for Music Matters?

Which new bands will you discover this year?

Which band do you want us to interview?

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