Jeremy Passion – A man passionate about music and life

Credits: Urban Soul

Jeremy Joseph Manongdo, more commonly known as Jeremy Passion, was born and raised in San Francisco with Filipino roots. A singer, songwriter and producer, Jeremy is a man of many talents. Jeremy grew up with a deep appreciation and love for music and he taught himself how to play the piano and guitar. He even started songwriting at the early age of 15! Gradually, he developed his talents into the signature style he has today.

Well-known for his characteristic soulful and melodic voice, Jeremy is a YouTube sensation. He is acknowledged as a pioneer of the acoustic R&B /soul movement on the internet and was one of the first Asian-Americans to go viral online with his self compositions and many covers. His subscriber base has since exceeded 235,000 followers and has over 36 million channel views.

Jeremy’s established channel on YouTube showcases his covers of popular tracks from various artists ranging from the likes of Stevie Wonder to Drake and Beyonce to Katy Perry. He also uploads his collaborations with Tori Kelly on his channel, and they both sound amazing.

I first fell in love with Jeremy after chancing upon one of his original compositions – his hugely popular track that went viral, “Lemonade”.  A light-hearted song accompanied with the strumming of a ukelele, this song is about a guy confessing his feelings for his love with the help of metaphorical imagery to describe what she does for him as a person. It is extremely sweet, catchy and easy to sing along to. This song is a classic. Other of his original compositions that I love include “Well Done” and “I Don’t Care”.

Jeremy believes in “Music With A Message” and that music has the power to change things. He says, “As artists, we carry some type of leadership. It’s a wonderful thing to be heard, but it’s also a responsibility.” He feels that although popular music sounds good, it lacks in substance and believes that the music industry needs more positive role models. I believe this is where Jeremy strives to be a better role model for others out there, and this is what I absolutely adore and admire of him. For Jeremy, it’s all about sharing his life and heart through his music.

Jeremy will be holding his first South East Asia tour and will be visiting Singapore for the first time this year. He will be holding a concert on March 22 at Lowercase at 8PM. For fans who have yet to purchase their tickets to his show, fret not because The Fifth Parlour will be giving away a pair of VIP tickets to his show. This includes the Meet & Greet Session as well!

The Fifth Parlour’s search for Jeremy Passion’s biggest fan has been extended to tomorrow, March 19, 11.59PM. You can participate in our giveaway by following these simple instructions here. What are you waiting for? Hurry and send us your tweets now and stand a chance to meet the amazingly talented Jeremy Passion live. 🙂

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