Room 94 New Album, No Strings Attached is this season’s anthem

Room 94 is one of the bands that I discovered last year when I heard their song on HotFM. The Fifth Parlour was lucky to interview the band last year before they got busy with their album and tours. Now, in the midst of a tour, the band will be releasing their new album which will be out on March 10. The Fifth Parlour got the opportunity to have a listen to the album.

After listening to the album, I feel that the album title is aptly accurate. No Strings Attached gives you the impression that you are not tied down to anything and it is similar to the vibe the album is giving me. When I listened to the album, every single songs makes me want to dance and just let loose. You just want to sing along to the songs and dance to the beat. It can be as simple as listening to it on your earpiece and just sing it out loud in your bedroom or with your girlfriends during a stayover.

Check out this video for the previews of the songs in the album!

Hey Room 94, get over to Singapore soon, maybe after this tour is over, so that I can listen to all the 10 songs on the album live!

Get the SIGNED copy of  the debut album here or  you can buy a digital copy of the album on iTunes!

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