Julie Tan will be celebrating her first anniversary on Valentine’s Day

Julie Tan, an upcoming and girl next door actress has been the talk of the town after she landed a main role for the MediaCorp Channel 8 drama, 96°C last year. As the first runner up for The New Paper New Face in 2009 and one of top 20 Female personalities in 2013 at the Star Awards, it is no wonder she managed to catch everyone’s attention.

Being a public personality, it is hard for some artistes to date or even reveal who they are dating fearing that it might affect their popularity. For Julie, she is really open about her relationship and she got the support from her family and friends. She often uploads pictures of them on Instagram. Valentine’s Day has an extra meaning to Julie as that is the day she and her boyfriend met again after losing touch for 4 months.

Credit: Julie’s Instagram

Recalling back on how they got together, Julie shared that they have lost touch for a while. Before this, they were friends. Julie describes her boyfriend as someone introvert and painfully shy. When he made the first move by giving Julie’s a rose to confess that he liked her, it is of course a big deal to her. To some, it might sound boring but for a shy guy to do that, any girl would be wowed by it.

Living in a hectic city, it is normal for one to be caught up with work and life that we tend to spend less time with our loved ones who are always there for us. Julie makes use of Valentine’s Day as a reminder that we should not take our loved ones for granted and that not only on Valentine’s Day we should be extra nice to them. She added that we need to slow down and spend more time with them. Julie shares that the couple will try their very best to make everyday special with the limited time they have together as Julie is busy with shootings while her boyfriend is away in camp. Therefore, they treasure their time spent together.

Fans must be wondering what is the sweetest thing Julie has done for someone special. She confessed that she tried her hands on cooking. Even though, she is not a great cook, she made the effort to cook and it paid off as the food turned out nice! Awww, we wish you could taste of some of her dishes.

If there is a chance for Valentine’s Day to be a public holiday, Julie would support it. She added that if it is on a public holiday, it will remind us about love. Love does not limit to your other half but for everyone. For example, students can take time to do charity and help out the less fortunate. They can offer them gifts or just spend time with them. The aim is just to spread the love to everyone.

Julie will be spending Valentine’s Day by having dinner as she is caught up with work. I’m sure Julie’s boyfriend will spring a surprise on her during the dinner. Lets stay tuned to Julie’s Instagram on February 14.

Thank you Xueling for coordinating the interview and Julie for taking time to do this interview with The Fifth Parlour. On behalf of The Fifth Parlour, I would like to wish Julie and her boyfriend, a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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