Farisha Ishak – Winner of The Final 1, Singapore’s Reality Singing Competition

Farisha Ishak, winner of The Final 1, held her official album media conference yesterday at The Star Performing Arts Centre. Her album consists of 6 English and 3 Malay songs which are a mixture of R&B, Dance-Pop and soul genres.

At the very start of the sharing session, Farisha took the opportunity to thank everyone who have been supporting her right from the start and would be forever thankful to The Final One competition which gave her the opportunity to showcase her singing abilities. Upon winning the competition, she got the opportunity to perform at various events such as the Singapore Day in Sydney, President’s Star Charity and also the First XI Finals (Singapore’s football reality show).

Farisha shared that in the past, she used to head to HMV to buy albums but now, she is able to see her own album in HMV. Surreal yet exciting.

The media was given an opportunity to be the lucky few who got to catch a sneak peek of her music video ‘Aligned’ which is slated to be aired soon. The MV showcased a sexy, confident and charismatic side of Farisha as you have never seen her before and for you ladies, do keep a lookout for the outfits she had worn as well. So remember to watch out for it!

Her debut album, Aligned, brings a refreshing change to the music industry here in Singapore. The song which I especially love is ‘Life is beautiful’. This song depicts on how one goes through life’s struggles and that happiness is actually a choice which is relatable to many of us. At a point of time in life, one would have gone through obstacles in life but it is up to us to turn things around.

Being only 19 years old, she literally has the world under her feet. Every song in her album showcases her ability to sing different genres of songs and at the same time proving to everyone that if you have what it takes, just go for it and don’t let any golden opportunities slip away.

‘’ALGINED’’ is now available at all CD-RAMA outlets.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Hype Records for inviting the team to the album launch. We would also like to thank Daryl for the write up.

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