Chinese Style Crepe

The year of the Horse is just around the corner and some of you must be scratching your head on what dish or snacks you would like to present to your guest. How about making a homemade spring roll or some would call them Chinese Style Crepe or Popiah.  You can be creative on what you want to put in the fillings as well as the sauce.

Ingredients for the Skins (Make 10 crepes)

2 cup wheat flour

1 white egg

¾ cup of water

A pinch of Salt

Mixed all the ingredients in a bowl. The flour mixture should be sticky and wet. Let the batter sit in the fridge for an hour or two. Using a non stick pan, hold the whole sticky lump of batter and smear thinly onto the heated non stick pan in a circular shape. Less than 30 secs for each skins to be cook on the heated pan. The crepe should turn soft and moist. There’s always a ready made (instant) spring roll skin/wrapper in the supermarket.

Ingredients for the main fillings:

2 cloves Garlic

Turnips & Carrots [I substitute with cucumber since I have it at home]

1 TBsp Chilli paste

2 TBsp dried Prawn paste

A pinch of Salt

Saute Garlic until fragrant with a little oil. Add chilli paste and dried prawn paste. Mix the shredded turnips and cucumber till the turnip turns soft and fairly dry. Add salt to taste.

Black Sauce:

6 TBsp Chilli paste (May add chilli padi if likes it hot)

2 cloves Garlic

2 TBsp Brown sugar

6 TBsp Chilli sauce

6 TBsp Tomato sauce(ketchup)

6 TBsp Prawn paste

1 TBsp Vinegar

2 cups Water

For the Black sauce, grinded Garlic are mix with chilli paste,brown sugar and 2 cups of water.Bring it to boil.Then,add in Chilli sauce,tomato sauce and prawn paste.

Extra ingredient: Prawns & Fried Egg Omelette(Cut into strips) or Scrambled egg .

Wrapping of the crepe.

Spread the black sauce on the crepe.Place a spoonful of the prepared turnip mixture.Add in the egg,prawns,fried onion and peanuts. Cover and fold in the right and left side of the crepe towards each other.Roll it tightly and serve immediately.

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