The Wanted Big Announcement

The Wanted has just released a statement on their website announcing an important announcement. As serious as it sounds, the announcement has shocked a lot of fans.

The Wanted who was recently in Singapore to usher in the new year has shared that they will be taking a break after their Word of Mouth. This tour will be the last for a while as the boys will take time to pursue personal endeavours. Even though, they have reassured fans that they will still continue to stay as The Wanted, there are lots of questions unanswered.

Before this, there are rumours that The Wanted has been dropped by their record label, one of the members leaving the band and the list continues. Personally, it was not a shock to me when I read the announcement.

When a band is on a hiatus, it can range from months to years and in this case, I feel that it will take at least a few years since most of them want to carve a career for themselves other than being in The Wanted. Thus, it will be harder to get together as their schedules might clash. In the long run, they will feel that there is not a need to be back together. What i’m trying to say is that don’t put too much hope that they will stick together after the tour.

I’m trying to stay positive that the band will still stay together after the tour but …

On a brighter note, The Wanted will will be releasing a new video of their new single, Glow In The Dark, taken from their latest album, Word of Mouth. Lets hope that this will not be the last time we heard from The Wanted.

You can read the full announcement on this website.

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