LUNAFLY gifts Singapore Lukies with a magical stardust filled Christmas!

“When you guys sing with us, it’s the best feeling” – SAM

LUNAFLY enchants Singapore Lukies as they swoon the crowd with a total of 18 songs last Saturday for nearly 3 hours. Showcasing their super vocals and amazing live band performance, they sang their own hit songs such as Superhero and What’s Your name as well as covers such as Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors.

LUNAFLY is a trio band group from Nega Network comprising of Sam Carter, Han Seung Yun and Shin Tae Ho (Teo) and this marks their second visit here in Singapore. The boys definitely look more than happy to be back here as they greet the screaming fans with their killer smiles.

Kicking off the showcase with “Clear Day, Cloudy Day”, LUNAFLY then brought fans to an emotional journey as they perform Bruno Mars When I was Your Man and Just Give me A Reason by Pink. Despite the technical glitches, the boys did excellent damage control on site and fans sang louder as they cheer the boys on to continue with the performance.

Known to be the playful and the moodmaker in the group, Teo entertains fans as he showcases his Chinese and Japanese language abilities. He brought laughter to the crowd in his attempt to teach a Chinese phrase “Wan shang you shi jian ma”(Do you have some time tonight?) to Yun and a Japanese sentence to Sam.

Moreover, fans were impressed as Yun showed a more confident image of himself than the previous showcase. Not only did he attempt to converse in English, he went a step forward and even acceded to Teo’s request to give a flying kiss and of course, placing the emphasis on the kissing sound.

Sam also shared his method of getting to know a girl that he likes. He mentioned that he would use a cheesy pick-up line, sending goosebumps to the crowd. Yun on the contrary said that he would go upfront and ask for her number instead. Sam made the crowd laugh when he commented that because Yun is good-looking, he doesn’t need to use any pick-up line.

In commemoration of the group 450th Day, fans prepare a mini surprise and held out hand banners and presented a cake to the boys. Teo couldn’t hide his excitement and ended up eating the cake on stage.

They showed a huge amount of generosity in terms of fanservice that left some fans crying with tears of happiness and wanting more.

Ending it off with a festive mood, the boys returned all dress up in Santa coats and gave candies and roses to the crowd. At the end of the showcase, each member expressed their wishes to quickly come back to perform in Singapore and that they really enjoyed their time here.  We look forward to the next event with LUNAFLY and we thank East Entertainment for bringing them back here!

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