Introducing US Pop Rock Band: The Royal

How do you attract girls or fans to your band?

Most likely, producers love to showcase good looking boys in suits and have them perform songs that have catchy lyrics. Back in the days, we have The Click 5. Now, let me introduce to you a pop rock band, The Royal.

From an unsigned band, now they are signed to GRM. What a great year for The Royals! Last month marks their first year as a band. The Royal consists of Seann Bowe, Steven Pitzl, Tim Wolf, Rob Carey and JonnyTheMaschinist. They have since released an EP and now in the midst of recording a new EP or album. They are really sneaky about it but i’m sure we will get to hear more of them in 2014.

They have released a new lyrics video of their new single, Bounce Back. It has since garnered more than 15, 000 views in under a week after it was uploaded.

After listening to this song, it got me listening to the other songs performed by them. I’m actually looking forward to more songs from The Royals. I think they have a bright future ahead of them since now, they are signed to a label. So girls, get ready to be addicted to their songs and have their songs being replayed in your head because of their catchy lyrics.

If you like listening to The Royal, be sure to follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook Page and subscribe to them on their YouTube Channel:

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