Get the Best Deals when Booking a Hotel

When planning for a vacation, there are a lot of things to consider. You have to plan your itinerary, book your accommodations and the list goes on. When booking an accommodation, one will consider the price, location and the reviews. For me, I would like to stay in one of the best hotels and at the same time get the best deals out of it so I can spend the extra cash on my favourite pastime shopping.

My recent trip to Kuala Lumpur has taught me this trick. When we found out the location of the press conference for Arthur’s Day, we were quite worried because the hotel price is quite expensive since it is a five star hotel. I turned to my best friend Google for helps.

I have heard of Agoda before and it is one of the website which provides good deals. I’m sure there are many more websites that provide the same service too.

After days of research, I managed to list down the different websites that provide the same service such as

1) Agoda



4) PYOTravel

5) Asia-Hotels

6) MariMari

Before deciding on which deals to take, please search for reviews relating to the website. This will prevent you from getting cheated and be aware of any unhappy customers who have dealt with the website. Also, read the fine prints on the website. Even though you are lazy, you need to read it to prevent any miscommunication and expectation.

Once you have done, everything above, purchase the deal and check your inbox and bank for the transaction.

Follow this simple steps and you have extra cash to spend on yourselves!

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