Contribute to Chris Medina’s New Worldwide Album

Remember Chris Medina who auditioned for American Idol?

If his name doesn’t ring a bell to you, how about this original song that was sung by him?

What Are Words is such a meaningful song and I really love the lyrics. Ever since Chris was on American Idol, I have been following updates about him.

Recently, I noticed that he is raising funds for his new worldwide album. Basically, fans can purchase a package and the funds will contribute to the album’s production. Once they purchased a package, they will get exclusive access to the studio process, the recording process and updates about the album. One of the packages includes receiving a postcard from Chris at only USD $5. 

Check out the acoustic version of Cut Me and I’ll Bleed , one of the songs that will be added to the album.

If you like this song, I’m sure you will like his album. You only have 6 days to help Chris raise $35,000. Now, he needs at least $14, 500 to reach his goal. If you are a fan of Chris or appreciates good music, you need to help him. To contribute, you can visit Indiegogo. If you have any queries, you can ask Chris on his Facebook Page or Twitter!

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