Lunafly is crazily in love with Nandos

The Fifth Parlour was lucky to have a good friend of ours,Mandy, to interview Lunafly during her visit to Korea and it was an honour to have the boys taking time out their busy schedule to have this interview with The Fifth Parlour.

Lunafly was in Singapore just recently and they will be back in Singapore next month celebrating Christmas with you. So what did they miss about Singapore and their feelings about coming back to Singapore?

They collectively responded that they are looking forward to coming back. Sam added that Lunafly is very excited because the last time they were here,  the fans were crazy especially at the airport, screaming their lungs out. Singapore Lukies were also described as passionate and fashionable. “They sing along to everything. I really love that. It means we don’t have to sing. So we can rest our voices. We love Singapore.”

Other than looking forward to their concert, these boys cannot wait to visit Nandos. They confessed that the Nandos in Singapore is very delicious  Bet Lukies are planning to station themselves at the different outlets in Singapore when the boys are here in Singapore.

Christmas with Lunafly will be their first Christmas concert thus, they are excited about it. “We can’t wait to spent Christmas with Singaporean Lukies.”

Fans can expect them to perform a special song. They have a special performance ready for the Christmas concert. They can also view new visuals during the concert. Yun added this concert will be different from the other concerts. Other than having a different style, the music setlist might be slightly different. Songs that will be performed that day includes their originals, cover songs, Chirstmas songs and maybe another surprise.

Does this excites you Lukies? Because to Lunafly it is “Nandos exciting!” Yes, those were the words used to describe the concert! Can you see their love for Nandos?

Preparations for the concert have started earlier. If they were to fly to Singapore now, they will be ready to perform. However, due to projects, they have to wait till Christmas. Amidst their busy schduele, they still spent a lot of time preparing for the concert. Thus, they only sleep for less than three hours a day so that they will be able to give the best to their fans.  “We have fun getting ready for the concert. For us, We enjoy doing it. Its nothing hard of what we do. Its very exciting.”

Coincidentally, it was Pepero’s Day in Korea and Mandy bought them Peperos. To those who are clueless what Pepero Day is all about, this day is said to be similar to Valentine’s Day. Celebrated on every November 11,  the exchange of Pepero symbolise affection for friends and loved ones. Other meaning it symbolises is that the exchange of peperos is in the hopes of becoming taller and thinner. You would have wondered how many Pepero have these boys received but to our shock, this was the first time they received it. I don’t know if this is true but I would have thought that they would have received lots of it.

Since it is Christmas with Lunafly, will any of the boys be dressing up as a Santa?

They did not give a definite answer and listed out the different things that are associated with Christmas such as Reindeer  Rudolf and many more. They even joked that Teo will be a Christmas Tree! However, they will be thinking about the costumes. So if you want to know if Santa, Reindeer  Llama or any other characters is attending Christmas with Lunafly, you will have to get your tickets NOW!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Mandy for helping us to interview Lunafly. Thank you Lyoo from Nega Network for helping us to coordinate the interview and to Sam, Teo and Yun for taking time out of their busy schedule for this interview! 

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