Highland Tower Movie

Back in 1993, The highland tower, an apartment building in Selangor, collapsed which caused a deathly tragedy. After two decades, a horror film is produced to document reality footage of two other apartments that are left astray till today.

It has the same concept as Haunted Changi. This horror movie is about a group of production team making documentation at Highland Tower . The movie starring  Shima Anuar, Mikail Andre, Adibah Yunus, Atikah Suhaime, Niezam Zaidi and Eddy Rauf.


A group of friends had the idea to make a short documentation in a haunted place where they will shoot in a building called Highland Tower. They managed to secure fundings with a production house as they are iintrigued by the idea.  On the first night, a lot of strange events occured. They heard strange and deafening sounds through the earphones. Then, camera lights suddenly going off. Fellow members being possessed. After many incidents, they all left the Highland Tower and there are “things” that followed them.

They actually used their own names and character to make their live documentation seems more real. It is a drama based on reality. Like the Paranormal Activity movies, it shows cliched ghostly image and shadows haunting the background of their shoot. I might be skeptical with this kind of movie whether to believe it or not if certain plot really occured in the building. I find myself questioning if it’s true or just an act. Apart from that, the movement of the camera actually distracts me the most.

Highland Tower Movie did gives me chills right at the beginning of the investigation into the building. The feeling of unexpected creatures watching over you. However there’s more to be desired. Overall, I am giving this movie a rating of 6/10.


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