Lang Tengah Island

There are several islands located in Malaysia that I’ve visited. Recently, I went to an island called Lang Tengah in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. It is located in between the famous Redang Island and Perhentian Island. It is a quiet and isolated tropical island where you will be able to find sandy white beaches and clear sea water.

Travelling by speedboat, it took us 45 minutes from Merang Jetty to Dcoconut lagoon resort, one of the four resorts in Lang Tengah . The resort has two side, ‘East wing’ and ‘West wing’. We stayed in the West wing which has a good view as we were able to see the swimming pool and the beach. The difference between west wing and east wing is that west wing caters to large groups while East wing caters to small family.

Swimming Pool at West side

At Lang Tengah, tourists will be able to enjoy the nature and walk around the Island by the beach side. I only managed to explore the East wing & West wing.

Jungle path in between East & West sides

Swimming Pool at East side

I went for snorkeling to four different places around Lang Tengah Island. It took us around one and half hour. Unlike my previous snorkeling experience, the marine life and habitat wasn’t distinctive enough to showcase its wonders. We were able to see Nemo fishes around the island even near the seaside.

During our stay there on one of the night,we did try our luck to hunt for turtle but the turtle was too shy. 😦 If you need some pampering, you can enjoy a range of spa services that is available in the resort.

If you need to get away from city life, this is the place for you.Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. Even though, there are not much varieties on the buffet menu, we are grateful that we still have something to eat.

Breakfast menu on my plate

At Merang Jetty, you will be able to find souvenirs stalls.

If I have to rate this trip, I would give it out 5 out of 10. Thank God for the fun people I traveled with. I believed that the people you bring along is important as it can either make your trip an enjoyable or disastrous one.

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