ONE’s Watsons Race Start! in Singapore Running Man Fan Meeting

Four handsome guys and one pretty lady, does it remind you of a popular Korean drama, Boys over Flowers?

When the theme song of Boys over Flowers was played during the opening segment of the Fan Meeting, I was puzzled and thought they played the wrong music.

Credit: ONE

I wasn’t expecting the cast members to be portraying the role of Boys over Flowers during the opening segment. It was really an eye opener when the montage started playing and showcasing the different characters. The cast members sang Paradise before introducing themselves to the audience. It was really creative of the organiser. Kudos to them for incorporating it! As you can above, HaHa dressed up as Goo Jun-pyo while Ji Hyo is of course Geum Jan-di.

After a short Q& A, it is time to interact with the fans. The cast members were divided into two teams. In Team A, we have Gary and Seok Jin. In Team B, we have Jong Kook and HaHa. Ji Hyo is in both teams. Before the game segment, the host taught the players how to say the word ‘Sabo’. Sabo is a short form for sabotage.

Gesture was the first game played. It is similar to charade. Fans and the Running Man cast members had to stand in a straight line with their back facing each other.  The last person has to guess the animal that was shown on the screen.

Credit: ONE

It was really enjoyable and entertaining to see the cast members’ body language. HaHa was the most entertaining and playful. The above picture shows HaHa mimicking an animal, if i’m not wrong, it was a gorilla or monkey. When Team A played the game, Gary even sneaked in a heart shape to Ji Hyo.

Credit: ONE

Go In Game as the name suggest require the pair (a fan and a member cast) to kick the slippers into their box. Each box has their names while some boxes has a penalty attached to it. Thanks to Ji Hyo who kicked her slippers to Jong Kook’s box, Jong Kook scored a point and eventually wins the game.

The third game got the Running Man cast members dancing to Gangnam Style. HaHa asked Gary and Seok Jin to demonstrate the dance to the fans on stage and the audience.

Credit: ONE

Feeling unsatisfied, Gary asked Jong Kook and HaHa to dance as well. To spite HaHa, both Jong Kook and HaHa roped Ji Hyo in. It got the crowd cheering for the team. Gary was jealous and Ji Hyo comforted him by saying “I love you!”

Credit: ONE

Cheeky Gary then got to dance with Ji Hyo. He even tried to kiss her cheek. After the demonstration, the cast members picked their partners and started to paste post it on them. Feeling sorry for making them going through all this, the cast members starting singing ‘I am Sorry,” in different tone and pitch. The audience cannot stop laughing at their rendition of sing ‘I am Sorry’ and the way they posted the post it on the fans.

Credit: ONE

Tug of War was the last game played before the performances. Fans who played the games with the cast members got to take home prizes from the sponsors, get a Polaroid picture taken with a member and a group picture. They were the envy of everyone including me. Just so you know, Jong Kook’s team win in all the games.

Credit: ONE

Seok Jin started the ball rolling with his rendition of ‘I Swear’. It was a surprise to hear him singing in English. It got the crowd swaying their hands in the air.

Credit: ONE

Gary, who is part of Leessang, performed the hip hop duo’s hits ‘You’re the Answer to a Guy Like Me’ and  ‘Can’t Breakup Girl, Can’t Breakaway Boy’.

Credit: ONE

Ji Hyo then joined Gary on stage and performed ‘Turned Off the TV’. It was really cute to see the Monday couple interacting with each other. Ji Hyo and Gary look so comfortable with each other and you know that they are not faking the chemistry they shared. During the fan meeting, the host asked the Monday Couple about their good points. Ji Hyo revealed that Gary is sexy, handsome and sings well. Gary, on the other hand, confessed that Ji Hyo is pretty and sexy. Aww, there are lots of love between both of them.

Credit: ONE

HaHa gave an energetic performance. He got the crowd to stand up and dance with him. He really worked the stage to his advantage. It seems like you are at HaHa’s concert. HaHa even brought up a fan and she hugged him for a minute long while he was singing. HaHa sang a medley that included ‘Story of a Little Kid’, ‘You’re are My Fate’ and ‘Rosa’. He ended his performance with ‘Busan Vacance’. Before wrapping up his performance, HaHa brought the translator out to tell the audience that he was sorry that he can’t speak English to communciate with the fans. How can we not love HaHa?!

Credit: ONE

Jong Kook was the last to perform. Before this, I have watched him on YouTube and I really love his voice. He sang ‘One Man’ and ‘Today More Than Yesterday’. Always referred as Hulk or Sparta, Jong Kook charmed the crowd with his voice. The audience got to see the softer side of Jong Kook during this performances. 

Credit: ONE

The finale brought the five Running Man cast members on stage and they performed together. The crowd went wild and started dancing. The cast members thanked the crowd for the support and love towards the show and the members.

Credit: ONE

When it was all over, the audience wanted more. They kept chanting “Encore!” and the cast members were back on stage. This time, they brought along bottles and splashed the crowd with water! Before saying their last goodbye, the cast members expressed their love to the fans and told them that they cannot wait to be back. They hoped they will be able to film Running Man in Singapore. Jong Kook even said that Singapore feels like home and promised to keep Singapore in his mind. “We are family,’ said Jong Kook.

Despite their hectic schedule while being in Singapore, the Running Man cast members put up a spectacular show. They never failed to bring a smile to everyone who attended the show. In my opinion, this is one of the best fan meeting I have attended. I am really impressed with the line up and the seating arrangements. Even though you are not seated near the stage, you are still able to enjoy the show without much blockage from any machinery. Before everyone left, there was an announcement, “See you next year!” I am sure this is a hint.

Thank you ONE for extending the invitation to The Fifth Parlour. Catch new episodes of Running Man on Fridays at 11.45 pm on StarHub TV channels 124, 820, 823 and 876 & SingTel mio TV channels 513 and 604.

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