Meet & Greet Boys Like Girls

Every year, ION Orchard will invite a band or singer to perform during the fashion concert held at ION Square. Other than organising the fashion show concert which is open to the public, ION Orchard gets fans closer to their favourite band or singer.

This year, Boys Like Girls were invited by ION as part of their anniversary. In order to get closer to Boys Like Girls, fans were encouraged to join a contest held on ION Orchard Facebook Page. Only the lucky 25 fans including their friend were picked to spend the afternoon with the band. Thankfully, I was amongst the 25.

The meet and greet started with the band sharing some stories about how they spent their time in Singapore and fans got the chance to ask them some questions. Some fans took this chance to ask about what the boys would look for in a girl and about the change in direction on their latest album.

Fans then got the chance to get closer to the boys as it is time for autograph session. Usually, during autograph, there will be a barrier between the band and the fans, but not at ION Orchard’s meet and greet. There is nothing to separate you from the boys. Fans took this opportunity to chat with the boys and some even managed to squeeze in a hug. Almost everyone got to take a selfie with the boys too. If you think that is the closest these fans can get to the band, you are wrong!

To make this meet and greet memorable, each fan got to take a group picture with the band. Yes, just you and the four charming boys. It was really memorable meet and greet for me since it was the first time meeting Boys Like Girls. The boys were really friendly and approachable. Thank you to the ION Orchard’s staffs for not rushing the fans and giving us time to get to know the boys better.

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