Five for Fighting Single: What If

Some of you know him as Five for Fighting while some knows him as John Ondrasik. If you don’t already know, they are both the same person. Five for Fighting is the stage name used by John.

It has been some time since I heard music from Five for Fighting. My personal favourites are 100 years and Superman (It’s Not Easy). Recently, Five for Fighting has released a new album, Bookmarks.

What If is taken from the album, Bookmarks. To me, meaningful lyrics is the most important in a song because if the words managed to create an impact in someone’s life, it will be easier for someone to relate to it. Not only that, it shows how much thought the songwriter has put into the song. This above song is an example.

In life, we keep asking ourselves “What if”. What if we do things differently, would the outcome be different? The What Ifs never cease from our life. We will keep asking ourselves this question when we start to doubt whatever happens or wish the outcome will turn out the way we want it to be.

What if I had your heart?
What if you wore my scars?
How would we break down?
What if you were me and what if I were you?

What if you told my lies?
What if I cried with your eyes?
Could anyone keep us down?
What if you were me? And what if I were you?


Sometimes, we wish someone would be in our shoes to feel what we feel. At times, we wish we can be in their shoes to understand them better. Will things be the same if I were you and you were me?

Five for Fighting will be performing at Sepang International Circuit on September 27 For Arthur’s Day. Too bad, it is not held in Singapore. 😦  The Fifth Parlour will be flying to Malaysia this week to catch Five for Fighting, The Wanted and The All-American Rejects who will be performing for the event. Follow us on  Twitter and like our Facebook Page for updates on the event.

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