Made in Singapore Performers

Three weeks ago, we just celebrated our Nation’s birthday.

Today, we are going to celebrate or should I say give credits to the talented performers in Singapore. Lets have a listen to the new singles by these performers.

1) Fauzie Laily is an alumni from the reality singing competition, Anugerah, which was on Suria. This talented singer, is now an actor and a host too.

His new single, Love Love Love featuring Komrad, is the forth single off his upcoming album. This song is composed and written by Fauzie. Are you in love, love, love with Fauzie after watching this video? 😉

2) Kevin Lester or known as TheLionCityBoy is a rapper. I was lucky to hear him rapped during Pixie Lott’s showcase in Singapore.

Put Your City On (P.Y.C.O) is a tribute to the boys in red and white. It is inspired by the love of the game and the success of the LionsXII. If you love this song, you can download it for free on SoundCloud!

3) Nathan Hartono won the 2005 Teenage Icon singing competition and was the Ambassador of the Singaporean Eco Music Challenge in 2012.

I find myself playing this song over and over again. If you love Thinkin Bout Love, you should check out his EP on iTunes.

4) Mark Bonafide is an award winning R&B/Rap artiste, songwriter and producer. He was the opening act for Craig David’s concert and his group, Bonafide Vintage Flavr, opened for Black Eyed Peas’ first concert in Singapore.

The new single, Issues, featuring Kim Olsen and Zahidah, is taken from the forthcoming e.p “LOVE/REBEL”. Personally, I am a fan of Mark and I’m really excited for the EP!

5) This singer, doesn’t need any introduction I believed, He is one of the Singapore Idols. You voted for him.

Sezairi Sezali is out with a new single Sayang, which means Love. The single is composed and arranged by Sezairi. I believe if you don’t understand Malay, you will still like the song.

6) ShiGGa Shay is a hip hop artist, songwriter and music producer. He appeared on the Live N Loaded on Mediacorp Channel 5.

The single. LimPeh featuring Tosh Rock and Wang Wei Liang is a hit. It was No. 1 on the local iTunes charts immediately after it was released.

7) Do you remember The Sam Willows?

Glasshouse (Lilywhite Edition) Music Video is finally out! Since I listened to their music a few months back. I have been a fan. Great job The Sam Willows. I really love the colourful video!

So now, who says Singapore has no talents. There are more talents in Singapore than those listed above. The performers listed above are those who have released a single a few months back, I am open to discovering new music and talents. Just so you know, I listened to every kind of music regardless of the language because you do not need to understand the lyrics to feel the song. The music just speaks to you. That is how awesome and powerful music is.

If you have heard of any local performers that have not been featured on The Fifth Parlour, please do inform us so that we will be able to get to know more local talents. 🙂

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