The Final 1 Finale

Finally, it is the finale of The Final 1. By now, you would know that Farisha Ishak is THE Final 1.

Credit: Mediacorp

Congratulations Farisha! Your consistency and your performance during the finally shows how comfortable you are on stage. On top of that, you improved!

Not forgetting Shaun, I think we will be seeing more of him in the future considering he is famous for his good looks. This upcoming rock star will get fan girls screaming for more.

The highlight of the show would be the special appearance of Rui En.

When the hosts said that Taufik will be singing with a special guest for his song, Sky the Limit, I was expecting Natasha Bedingfield since she is an invited performer.

I have listened to Sky the Limit on radio and knows that Rui En is featured in that song but I did not expect that she will be singing live with Taufik. It is refreshing to hear her sing on television and not acting. Lets hope we will be able to see more of her singing.

What is disappointing though is the result show. When they announced the result, it seems just like any other result show. What I meant was there is a lack of suspense. The host just announced the result and that’s it. I believed time was a factor since it was a few minutes away from 10.30pm. I wished they paid more attention to the presentation of the result.

The Final 1 has to come an end. Congratulations Farisha once again!

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