The Wanted Life premiere on E! Entertainment

Have you ever wondered how a band’s daily live is like? Behind all those stage performances, working hard to record albums, what actually goes on behind the scenes? They are still a normal human being after all, right?

Watch as E! Entertainment brings us up close and personal, inside the rock and roll lifestyle of one of UK’s biggest bands, and also one of the music industry’s most talked about band, The Wanted.

Their new reality show, The Wanted Life, was already premiered and aired in both US and UK, and now, Singapore gets to watch it on TV too!

Watch as the lads (Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran) move into a fancy new mansion in Hollywood, Los Angles, trying to juggle between relationships, recording a new album and embarking on a world tour. Along the way, band mate, Nathan Sykes, encountered a vocal cord haemorrhage problem, and had to be out of action for two months after surgery to recover. What would become of the band?

As for Siva and Tom, the both of them have to try to keep up with the boys while not neglecting their long term girlfriends, putting the house in which they all share in a constant state of tension.

In this season premiere, the band moves into the Hollywood mansion, and they definitely did not take long to warm up to the house! They called for a party immediately, inviting some of the friends over for a good time. As expected, being the wild party boys themselves, the house turned upside down and was in a mess not long after! (psst, some of you might see some familiar faces like Jack Bakarat from All Time Low!)

While promoting the show, the boys have said that they will be getting personal – letting fans in on their partying, friendships and even romances.

However, it was not all play of course! Their US manager, Scooter Braun, which some of you may know him as Justin Bieber’s manager, made sure that they were right on track and focus on recording their new album as well. Watch as their day-to-day manager Nano Tissera gets bullied by the lads, trying his best to control and keep them focused! Having said that, when it comes to being serious, they are really serious and works really hard to produce quality songs and performances for us.

Hollywood gigs, meeting the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama and performing at The White House, partying in Las Vegas, world tour, shooting a music video for their new single ‘Walks Like Rihanna’, recording songs for an upcoming new album and shooting a music video for their new single ‘Walks Like Rihanna’. It is all play hard, work hard.

Their new reality TV show, The Wanted Life, premieres on E! Entertainment (StarHub Ch 441) on Aug 4 at 10pm.

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