Bellabox: It’s like your birthday every month!

Can you imagine every month, a box filled with beauty goodies at your doorstep? Doesn’t that sound like heaven to you? It sure does to a makeup enthusiast like me. It’s like having a birthday every month or getting Christmas gifts year round!

The concept of beauty boxes are popular over in the US and UK however, in Singapore, albeit our world-class infrastructure and what-nots, it took us a while to adopt this concept. But, it is always better late than never. became the pioneer in providing such service.

How does it work?

For a certain fee, for a certain number of months that you chose, you will get a beauty box delivered to you each month to your doorstep consisting of sample or even full-sized beauty products. The catch? You will not know what is inside the box until you open it.

From what I observe, every month, will have a theme.

My friends and I went for the premiere of the movie The Heat (starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock) and we were gifted with the May edition of the Bellabox with the theme: Red Carpet Ready.

I absolutely love the packaging. The colour is eyecatching, and the box dimension is about the size of an iPad box; just nice.

What’s inside? I will highlight to  you items that I am impressed with. (The rest are samples)

In line with the theme, we were given a few products that would prep us proper for a night out on the red carpet. 😉

1) Model Co. Lip gloss:  What is unique about the lip gloss is that it comes with a small mirror so you can touch up on-the-go without fumbling over your makeup pouch for an extra mirror. and it is strawberry scented! Mmm-hmmm.

2) Wine Wipes: For the socialites who are constantly attending event and sipping on fine red wine, you can now remove the stain from your teeth efficiently with these wipes.

3) Talika Eye Therapy Patch: This eye patch is so soothing and I can literally feel the skin around my eye area tightening ever so slightly during the first trial. I love the fact that it is reusable but i do doubt the effectiveness after multiple use.

“This award winning dry patch acts in 30 minutes, delivering moisturizing and anti-ageing ingredients directly to the skin by osmosis. Reusable, even washable, it produces gradual and controlled diffusion of the active ingredients, stimulating the skin surrounding the eye area to a younger and smoother appearance.” from

Overall, I was not totally blown over by the content of the box that was given to me. But I am giving Bellabox the benefit of the doubt as I know there are a whole bunch of trial-worthy products they sell on their website. And for that, I have personally signed up for this service. I simply cannot wait for the next installment!

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