LOL is back for season 2. This 30-minute not-so-serious television talk show targeted at women, youth and anyone who has a sense of humor. Hosted by Denise Tan from Gold 90.5FM, this talk show talks about everything under the sun. There are three segments in this show.

The first segment will focus on the invited celebrity guests where they will share about their latest project. The next segment will feature their resident stylist and co-host, Marcus AC. Marcus will share with the audience tips on how to look good. Lastly, there will be a musical performances from local and international artistes. All Time Low was on the first season of LOL.

I had the chance to attend one of their live recording session yesterday. Before the show, the audience were treated to refreshments from Dr Cafe and learn more about the sponsors’ product.

Credit: LOL Facebook Page

The casts of Mata-Mata were the celebrity guests for the evening. Cheryl Wee, Daren Tan and Adam Chen shared with Denise about the drama which will be out on National Day. It was great to see the interaction between the guests as they shared stories about filming for this show.

I love the game segment where Denise will ask the guests questions and they have to press the horn to answer it. This is where the audiences are able to see the personality of the guests.

Marcus was up next. He found victims or ‘volunteers’ to test out the product that is featured on the show. Marcus is a funny host. He is always entertaining the audience before, during and after the show.

Finally, it is time for The Sam Willows – the main reason why I attended this recording.They sang two songs, Glasshouse and Crimson. The audience love their performance.

Overall, it is an entertaining and informative show. I cannot wait to see the final product and I am counting down to this episode. If you would like to be part of the live recording which will be happening this week up to next Wednesday, you can register here. Only ladies can register for this recording.

If you are going for the show, you will not go home empty handed. You will receive goodie bags filled with a lot of goodies from the sponsors. Trust me, you will love the goodie bag. Just check out the items in the goodie bag.

LOL will telecast on Toggle App starting 21 August 2013. Mark it on your calendars ladies!


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