The Joy Truck

I have been watching a few episodes of The Joy Truck which is on Mediacorp Channel 8 on Tuesdays at 8pm. Everytime, I watched the show, I have tears in my eyes. On top of that, it made me realize how lucky I am.

Credit: xinmsn

So let me share with you what this show is all about. The Joy Truck hosted by Pornsak, aims to bring smiles to a featured beneficiary. The invited artiste and host will propose a mission that is able to fulfill the needs of the beneficiary. For example, on last week episode, they brought the family to River Safari and helped the child to meet her idol, Qi Yu Wu.

The Joy Truck will help to execute the plan such as bringing the family to a chosen place to have some fun which is not the norm for these families to be outdoors because of the child’s condition.

I encourage everyone to watch this show because it will knock some sense into you. You will realize how lucky you are. Not only that, it will show you how strong these people are in overcoming the obstacles in life. One thing that I have learnt is that they have this ‘never give up’ attitude which I believed we need to learn from them. We tend to give up at the slightest things but if we are to compare our problems with what is being featured on the show, our problem is nothing.

I’m sure after watching this show, you will feel the need to help this individual. You can do your part by playing a game which is available on Toogle Now and via Safari 5 and above; Firefox 19 and above; and Chrome. By playing the game, you are contributing a certain amount of money that will be given by the sponsors to the individual featured on the show.

So how does this game works?

You just need to tap or click on the background so that the girl is moving forward. Click or tap it until you reached the finishing line. Then use the arrow as a guide to throw the heart. The heart need to reach the Joy Truck.

The further you get, the more fuel you will collect. The number of litres will determine the amount of money that will be given to the beneficiary. You have until midnight to collect as many fuel as possible. So do share this app or game with your friends. You can help those in need by just spending less than a minute to play this game. It is for a good cause.

I really love the concept of the show. Other than creating awareness of the other side of Singapore, audience participation is encouraged. One just need to download the free app and do their part.

Kudos to the production team.

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