Under The Stars: Youtube Sensations – The 38 Years Ago

Today we feature The 38 Years Ago, a duo from Thailand. The reason why we found out about them is because they will be coming for the YouTube Sensations concert! If you remember, the first-ever concert was held last year at Hard Rock Cafe at Sentosa. Concerts like this are amazing. They bring together a few different acts together, at the price of a normal concert ticket, giving you the opportunity to discover new bands and artistes.

It consists of Peach, and Aomyeam. You must be curious, why the 38 years ago? When the band was first created, Peach was only 16, while Aomyeam was only 22. Hence, the sum of both their ages is 38. They then created “The 38 Years Ago”, which sounded like a story which happened in the past.

The duo was formed 5 years ago, when Peach was studying piano at a music school during her leisure time. I guess it is fate, that Aomyeam was a practical teacher. Once, Peach performed a show which she made no preparation for, and made a lot of mistakes. When the show was finished, Aomyeam talked to her, and from then on, they became like siblings. Two years ago, Peach recorded a video of her singing onto Facebook. Aomyem saw the video clip, and asked her if she wanted to collaborate and perform together. Since Aomyeam has his own YouTube channel “aomyeam”, they have been uploading their videos on his channel since then.

the 38 years ago, thefifthparlour, Under the stars, youtube sensations

So, what made them create their YouTube account? Simply out of fun. Their first few videos were of them messing around, and they never did any video editing then despite making mistakes. It allowed their videos to portray their real selves and their raw emotions. Being on the YouTube platform has definitely changed their lives. They have made new acquaintances, friends, and fans as well, who will ask them for photographs. Social media, is also one thing they have become more knowledgeable about. They also felt that one most critical learning point was receiving feedback, and then try to improve themselves. This is definitely a good learning opportunity for both Peach and Aomyeam.

thefifthparlour, the 38 years ago, under the stars, youtube sensation

They have mostly videos of Thai songs. We can also expect more English covers! When asked about how they feel about being a part of the YouTube Sensations gig, they expressed excitement and gratitude. It will be the first time they will be on an international platform, and hence is very thrilled and proud of having this opportunity. Both of them have practised a lot to make sure they will give their best and that the audience will have a good time!

the 38 years ago, thefifthparlour, under the stars, Youtube Sensation

A couple of fun facts!

Aomyeam likes..

1. Playing music and drawing

2. Creating robot models

3. New experiences such as biking and cooking

4. Travelling to new places as if he is going on an edventure

5. Watching movies except for horror ones

Peach likes..

1. Being funny!

2. Going shopping

3. To mix-and-match fashion accessories

4. Singing

5. Delicious food

Check out the shoutout from Peach and Aomyeam to The Fifth Parlour and Singapore fans!

They will be in Singapore for the YouTube Sensations gig! Check out details of the event:

Date: June 28th, 2013, Friday

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: The Coliseum, Resorts World® Sentosa

Get your tickets here on Sistic.

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