Under The Stars: The YouTube Sensations, Nate Tao

Credit: OneClickWonders

The name Nate Tao might ring a bell to some of you who have been following Season 12 of American Idol. I’m sure you were mesmerised listening to his rendition of Stevie Wonder, For Once in My Life.

Unfortunately, Nate was eliminated during the Hollywood week. As cliche as it sounds, this is not the end but it is just the beginning for him. Born in Reston, Virginia, Nate has been singing since he was middle school.  I believed we have to thank Nate’s choir teacher for giving him the encouragement to sing else, we will not be hearing his beautiful voice on television or YouTube.

Nate is an all rounded performer. Other than singing, he pen his own song and plays the piano.  Nate shared that he ensures that the songs he write relates back to him. He believes that it is important and it helps him to connect with the audience. For example, Fly, is about empowerment and self-worth while Sugar and Spice, is about the defying expectations during American Idol.

Other than singing, sign language has been part of Nate’s life. Since young, he has been using it to communicate with his parents. Now, he is a sign language teacher. To Nate, sign language is such a fun and unique language that not many people know it or know how to teach it. Nate gets the satisfaction when the students gain their confidence when they have mastered sign language.

Credit: Nate Tao’s Facebook Page

Travelling is part of a performer’s life. Nate is no stranger to Singapore. He has been travelling to Singapore to work with Tat Tong, a music producer-songwriter for his EP which was released just two weeks ago. Do check Nate’s EP on iTunes!

So what does he like about Singapore?

As usual, food is on top of his list because it is awesome and not expensive. The clothes in Singapore fits him. If you want to stalk him shopping, you might just want to check out Bugis or Mustafa Centre. He added that the MRT system is very convenient and he loves the weather here. Hmm.. Fans of Nate Tao, I guessed, you need to be observant when he is Singapore. He might just be standing right beside you or even standing beside you in the MRT! 😉

I’m sure by now you are aware that Nate will be performing at The Coliseum at Resorts World Sentosa on June 28 at 7pm. Nate is so excited to perform in Singapore and he will be performing several covers that are on his YouTube channel and a couple off his EP. He promised that it  is going to be a fun, energetic but laid-back performance.  Most importantly, he wants to get to know the audience.

So, get your tickets now on Sistic before it is sold out!

Do follow Nate on Twitter and like his Facebook Page!

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