TFP Goes Interviewing: GAC

A friend has been raving over a band named GAC’s YouTube videos for awhile now and my, was I lucky to watch them live during Music Matters 2013. When I watched them in Fern & Kiwi, I was blown away. The three were gifted with vocals which went harmoniously together. Now, let’s be honest, when they sang their original song Ingin Putus Saja, I felt like putting on my dancing shoes! They were packed with energy!

Our kind friend, Dalilah who is also an aspiring YouTube artist managed to interview the trio, consisting of Gamal, Audrey and Cantika.

GAC Indonesia, GAC band, GAC Interviews, Music Matters Live 2013, thefifthparlour

Gamal started posting videos with his sister, Audrey on his YouTube account. In 2009, Cantika met them on YouTube and met up with them. They started to hang out a lot, karaoke and decided to make songs together. Besides, the three had similar music tastes and it was perfect.

The first single by them, named Ingin Putus Saja was made under Sony Music Indonesia in 2010. They are inspired by many YouTubers including Jeremy Passion and Aj Rafael. When asked about YouTube acts, they mentioned that there are not much Indonesian YouTube artistes out there, but many Indonesians watch YouTube acts such as NigaHiga. Lucky GAC also managed to take pictures with other YouTube celebrities on their Instagram account.

Their first album was launched in 2012. The self-titled album from Gamaliel Tapiheru, Audrey Tapiheru, & Cantika Abigail consist of 10 originals. Moving on from YouTube, they are considering venturing into television, but also push forward their YouTube channel concurrently.

GAC Indonesia, GAC band, GAC Interviews, Music Matters Live 2013, thefifthparlour

Now now, some fun facts about the three of them. Gamal and Audrey watch Bollywood movies, and Gamal actually sang a Bollywood song which we were fortunate to listen to!

Young and talented, the three of them are still studying in universities, but majoring in different fields.

The trio definitely had lots of stage performances thus far. Audrey loves every single performance because each event has their own unique experience and energy. The funniest moment Gamal had during a performance was this one time he was so excited during their performance that when he drew back his microphone to sing, he hit his own teeth. Ouch! He freaked out and turned to his members to make sure his teeth were still intact.

Not forgetting, they gave some words of advice for promising YouTubers is to “do what you love, don’t be afraid to share with others. Find your passion, be yourself, and we believe that everyone is gifted”. Oh and another bonus point about using YouTube as an avenue for one to share their videos – it’s free!

During their trip here, they did not manage to eat local food, but they did try Nasi Lemak. Shopping though, was definitely on their hit list! Unfortunately, they did not have much free time to travel around Singapore.

GAC Indonesia, GAC band, GAC Interviews, Music Matters Live 2013, thefifthparlour

As most of the artistes who came here, they also went to MBS and Ku De Ta, and they loved it! The view of the landscape of Singapore at night definitely left an impression. The trio definitely hopes that they will come back to Singapore very soon!

Watch their performance at Clarke Quay here:

Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel, and follow them on their Twitter!

Big thank you to Nabil, from Sony Music Indonesia for the interview opportunity, and to Dalilah who helped us with the interview.

Check out Dalilah’s YouTube Channel here!

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