Getting to know Faber Drive

Do you know who is Faybles, Jaybles, Shaybles and Kaybles?

A new band perhaps?

Nah, don’t get stressed thinking who they are. It is the nicknames that the band, Faber Drive, gives each other.

Credit: Faber Drive’s Facebook Page

Faber Drive will be in Singapore this week to perform for Music Matters. I had the opportunity to get to know the band a little closer through an email interview with Krikit.

Faber Drive consists of Dave Faber, Jeremy “Krikit” Liddle, Jordan “JP” Pritchett and Seamus O’Neill (he attracts the most girls in the band!). In 2008, Faber Drive has won the Best New Group (Hot A/C) of the Year at the Canadian Radio Music Awards. They were nominated for the Juno award for Best New Artist in the same year.

Credit: Faber Drive’s Facebook Page

Faber Drive has been performing for more than six years and shared that the most priceless and unforgettable moment while performing was when they played a show in a parking lot mall near their hometown in Abbotsford BC several years ago. So what happened?

A girl threw her bra on stage! That’s it?!

Faber’s Mum came to the stage and took it away from him. She said this to her son, “David, that’s disgusting!” Faber then gave her a big hug and told the crowd to make some noise for his Mum. What a protective yet cool Mum Faber has! I would love to meet her someday and get her to tell me more stories and secrets about the band.

Touring is part of the band’s life. The iPhone is a must-have for the band because they live and breathe on social media. They never fail to upload pictures on Instagram and connect with their fans through Facebook and Twitter daily.

Credit: Faber Drive’s Facebook Page

Krikit share with us some of the bad habits the band has when they are on the road. We have Faber who loves to unpack his entire suitcase in the hotel room and you could imagine the messiness in his room. Krikit describes it as if there was a bomb that exploded in the room. JP is a heavy sleeper. He can sleep all day and if no one wakes him up, he will sleep right through it.  Seamus is forgetful and Krikit might get drunk after the show and will try to play fight with everyone in the band.

The band has a ritual before performing. They will have a huddle side stage where they pray and give each other hugs and wish each other for a great show.

Recently, Faber Drive released a new video for “Life is Waiting”. So what is this video all about?

Krikit shared that this video is a bit different from the other videos Faber Drive has done. They wanted to get away from the typical love story video that would go along with the song and thus made it looks like an action movie.  You can expect car chases, stick-ups, gun fights and a sexy girl who robs people wearing a kitty mask.

Fans in Singapore, if you are excited about their performance in Singapore, here is what you can expect from Faber Drive, a high energy, party kind of show that is full of Faber Drive hits such as Tongue Tied, When I’m With You, Get Up and Dance, Life is Waiting and Candy Store. You will find yourself dancing, jumping, clapping and singing along to the songs.

Also, the band recently got signed to Warner Music in 12 Asian countries including Singapore. So keep your fingers crossed and hope there will be more gigs from them in the future!

Don’t forget to catch the band on 23 May at Crazy Elephant at 9.10pm and at the Fountain Stage at 11.40pm, 24 May at Paulaner Wirstshaus Clark Quay at 9.20 pm and Fern & Kiwi Bar and Eatery at 12.20am.

Here are some random and facts about Faber Drive!

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