Upclose and Personal with Gerald Anderson

For the final edition of our Mother’s Day Special, The Fifth Parlour would like to introduce

Gerald Anderson!

You might find him familar. He was on Mediacorp Channel 5 three years ago playing the role of JR on Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us).

I remember I was skeptical when I saw the advertisements running on Channel 5 at that time because I felt that the story line was predictable. However, when I watched one of the episodes, I never stopped watching the series ever. This drama made me cry as if there is no tomorrow. After watching this drama, I became a huge fan of his.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with the humble and friendly Gerald Anderson when he is (now!) in town for Star Magic Basketball “Celebrity Challenge”.

Gerald was suprised that he has fans in Singapore. He recalled an incident where he was at Changi Airport and heard someone called him, JR. At first, he thought that they got the wrong person but after finding out that Tayong Dalawa was aired in Singapore, he got used to it. Gerald revealed that Jake Cuenca, who played his twin brother in the drama gets the exact same reaction from Singapore fans.

Great news Geraldnaticx! OTJ (On The Job) got into the Cannes Film Festival in France and Gerald will be flying there next week. OTJ will be out in Philippines soon.  Being nominated in the Cannes Festival is an indication that you cannot afford to miss this movie.

Not appearing on any soap dramas for more than a year got the fans questioning themselves on when they can catch their favourite actor on television.

Gerald last acted on Budoy which got him the Best Actor Award at the  KPB Golden Dove Awards. Fret not, Gerald is now busy filming the new soap drama, Bukas Nalang Kita Mamahalin (Tomorrow I Will Love You) which will be telecast soon. I’m not sure if you have heard this but Gerald might be staring in a new movie. Exciting, huh? 😉

As a celebrity, it is a norm to have fans and haters. Gerald has taken it in his stride and feels that it is better to just accept it and live your life which is in line with his motto in life, YOLO (You Only Live Once). Way to go Gerald!

Mums in Singapore, you’re in for a treat. If you received tickets to Star Magic Basketball “Celebrity Challenge” as a Mother’s Day gift, you will get to see Gerald along side with his team playing basketball at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Gerald shared some of the things he had done for his mum for Mother’s Day. He bought her chocolates and flowers and even made her a card when he was young. Girls, if you want to know if he is the right one for you, just observe how he treats his Mum. This one is a keeper, I must say. 😉

His mum is what motivates Gerald all along. She is his inspiration and the one who keeps him going. Having a hectic schedule does not stop him from spending time with his family. Gerald ensures that he has dinner with his family at least once or twice a week. Not only that, he will send them text messages to stay in touch.

Gerald has a message to all Mums in Singapore

Before I end this interview, let me share with you 5 facts that you might know or did not know about Gerald.

1) He loves going on a vacation.

2) He’s an outdoor guy.

3) He loves exotic foods.

4) He’s an organised guy. (rare species?!)

5) He loves to be around people.

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Gerald and team for giving us a chance to get to know him better.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mums out there!

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