Come Back to 19 with The Tomboys

Previously, The Fifth Parlour has introduced the cool and charismatic J-pop girl group, The Hoopers. This time, let’s welcome the youthful, bubbly and talented girl band, The Tomboys.

The Tomboys is a rising band which takes pride in creating their own songs. Do not be deceived by their names, the girl band consists of four cheery and cute members with an average age of 20. Despite their young age, the group has already held concert tours all around Japan and collaborated with ex Sex Pistols bassist, Glen Matlock, to prepare for their latest tracks. Please Remember Me is their latest single from their 2nd mini album Come Back to 19.

The Tomboys (from left) GG Wakana, Madoka, Hina and Non

The Tomboys first debuted under NoName when the members were 14 years old. Yet at a young age, all four members were already equipped with performing skills. Their latest mini album Come Back to 19 was inspired by their own personal feelings and attachment as they enter the age of 19. This album was intended to record their ups and downs when they were 19 years old and hopefully, allow them to capture the best moments of that age.

Despite debuting at such a young age, The Tomboys expressed no regrets. They remained unison in replying that performing has always been their dream hence they are working hard to achieve and excel in what they are doing. They also cherish other group members and remain grateful for the opportunity to come together as a group to make music. One cannot help but see the maturity and determination they possess, even at such tender age.

When asked to describe themselves in one word, here’s what The Tomboys replied. GG Wakana chose “Green” as she loves the colour green. Madoka chose “Clumsy” while Hina decided on “Stubborn” as she is pretty strong-willed and determined. After much hesitation, Non admitted that “Silly” might be most appropriate.

Credits: The Tomboys

And for curious fans wondering why they were called The Tomboys, their band name hopes to reflect the lively and dynamic performance they would deliver on stage. Hence naming themselves as The Tomboys allow them to break free from their feminine or “cute-looking” appearance.

The Tomboys is currently promoting their album Come Back to 19 before hitting back to the studios for more creative songwriting and preparations for their subsequent activities. We are definitely hoping to see more of their performances and possibly, an opportunity for them to meet their fans in Singapore!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank Hyper Japan 2016 and The Hoopers for the interview opportunities.