Round and round the bushes in Jeju’s Mazeland and scenic Olle Trails

In the past when I travelled around Jeju by public transport, I missed out these attraction sites as one could not access them conveniently by bus. Perhaps you did too?

This time, with a friend to drive us around the island, I could instead enjoy cafe-hopping and even have a go at some of Jeju’s natural walks and trails.

Here, I shall bring you to visit Jeju’s Mazeland and one of the many Olle trails, Olle Trail 5 by the coast. The former has appeared in many Korean TV shows like Running Man while the latter was recently featured in the Netflix original Korean series Busted as the final mysterious destination in Episode 2’s Treasure Island.

Step right into one of Jeju’s most visited attraction sites, The Mazeland. The themed park presents the three elements which Jeju prides in: Rocks, Wind, and Women. This is reflected in the three mazes as each is shaped, and thus named, after the individual element. There is the Wind Maze, Stone Maze and Woman Maze.

Take a quick look at the map of Mazeland and you will realise that the mazes take on each form of the elements. Here, one can probably spend a few hours navigating through the mazes on their own. After all, what fun is there if you do not get lost in them!

For those yearning for a unique shot to make it as your photo-of-the-day, do allow yourself to explore the mazes. There are a few unique photo locations which may turn out to be a delight.

At the end of the mazes, do not hesitate to leave Mazeland just yet. There is something magical hidden right behind the mazes, especially during the summer season!

Follow your way towards the rose garden and viola, one would find oneself surrounded by beds of blossoming roses, each adding a vibrant colour to one’s summer photos.

During the hydrangea season in summer, continue the path which will bring you to a sea of blooming hydrangea. While some may prefer skipping Mazeland after a visit to Gimnyeong Maze Park, I believe that Mazeland is worth a visit for more than just the mazes.

As one tour around the flower gardens, be sure to catch these boards. Written on them are beautiful quotes which would brighten your day, including the above which says of “I still worry about myself yet hope for the best” and others like “I am the prettiest today” (below) or “Happiness is felt when you are with me”. Along the way, one can even read about the folk myths in Jeju, illustrated by the stone statues on the paths.

Further down, one can trail into the bamboo woods and the wood forest which makes a great resting place for a picnic. Fairy lights hang from the branches, transforming it to a beautiful fairytale-like location for families and couples to relax and appreciate each other’s company. There is even a mini wooden maze there to excite the kids.

At the end of the long exploration, head back into the cooling gallery which shows of exhibitions of mazes, puzzles and other brain-stimulating challenges to occupy everyone in the family.

During the summer, visitors to Jeju must visit the Olle trails. These trails bring one through the woods, past the flower fields and even to the beaches of Jeju. The Olle trails will lead one to all of Jeju’s natural scenery there is offer on the island, including the attractions sites like Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (Information to get there by public transport can be found here).

However, I shall bring our readers to a unique place where one can view the whole of Korea. It was also featured in the Netflix original Korean series Busted. Puzzled by what I mean? Let me show you!

Introducing Jeju’s Olle Trail #5 around Namwon Keuneung Coast. This Olle trail is located in the south of Jeju, a short drive from Seogwipo City.

The trail takes one around the coast to appreciate Jeju’s rocky coasts and let one’s hair loose in the cooling ocean breeze. The trail is ideal in the late afternoons of summer to avoid the warm temperatures.

The trail begins here at the pavillion and around the corner, there is a cafe which was featured in my other travel post on cafe-hopping in Jeju. Then, begin your walking journey through the bushes around the coast.

Here, one can access many scenic points of the coastal areas. The trail is really long with few paths leading out of the trail. As such, I would suggest for visitors to prepare their own snacks and water for the journey ahead. Do ensure sufficient time to finish the trail before the sky darkens.

However, you must be wondering what i meant by “a unique place where one can view the whole of Korea”. Check it out yourself!

Located in the middle of the Olle trail #5, there is a spot called the Korean Peninsula 한반도 where the bushes of the trail form the outline of the entire Korean Peninsula. This phenomenon is so famous that even Koreans would specially make a trip down to observe it and take a photo.

For the less adventurous who wish to only visit this location, you can skip the Olle trail #5 and head straight down to Kumho Jeju Resort. Facing the ocean, take the small path down which would lead you straight onto the Olle trail. Make a right turn onto the path and you will see the Korean Peninsula outline.

Credits: Busted, Netflix production, and KShowOnline

The same location was featured in Busted when they discovered the last treasure hidden near the bushes.

These locations are best accessed by private transport. Hopefully, my introduction to these places will encourage you to discover more hidden places in Jeju! This has been my third visit to the island yet I cannot wait to explore many other sites. In fact, there are numerous Olle trails available. I only had the time to pick this meaningful location during my visit.

Are there any other trails our readers would like to recommend?

Returning to Jeju: Cafe-hopping around the picturesque island

Remember the last time I introduced to you about how to travel around Jeju via public transport? The article focused mainly on the natural scenery one can enjoy during a short stay on the island, including visits to the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Manjanggul Cave, Cheonjiyeon Falls and more.

This time, allow me to present another side of Jeju: Cafe-hopping around Jeju. Indeed, following the cafe-hopping trend in Seoul, there are also many cafes around in Jeju for cafe-hoppers to enjoy. One can choose to appreciate a cup of Jeju green tea by its own green tea garden, pop into one of the most-visited cafe in hope of chancing upon G-Dragon himself, or just laze by the beach with an Iced Americano.

Here are some of my recommendations:

1. Innisfree Jeju House 이니스프리 제주하우스

Innisfree skincare and cosmetics brand prides itself with the use of natural ingredients from Jeju in their products. As such, it is no surprise that one can find its stores all around Jeju. However, Innisfree Jeju House is more than just a store. It also houses Innisfree Café which serves drinks made from Jeju ingredients like the Hallabong orange and Jeju green tea leaves.

View from Innisfree Jeju House on a rainy day

Not to mention, the view from the café overlooks one of the green tea gardens in the vicinity.

One of their signature menu items has got to be the Hallasan cake. Shaped like a mountain, it depicts the highest mountain on Jeju, Hallasan mountain.

Wondering what’s the flavor?

The cake is a green tea cake on the inside, topped with green tea cream hidden in the peak. It also comes with “volcanic cookies” and “white melting cream” which one can add according to one’s preference.

This presents as an engaging way for café-goers to play around their own Hallasan cake while planning for one’s Instagrammable moments.

You can also their Hallabong Orange Tea and the Honey Yuchae Tea (above).

There will always be time for shopping. Head over to the Innisfree store to browse its products, but be attentive to some of its Jeju special edition products. These products can only be found in the Jeju House. Some include Jeju-themed hankies, pouches, hand cream and also a DIY hand soap set. You can also make your own hand soaps too!

How to get here:

Address: 425, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do (제주특별자치도 서귀포시 안덕면 신화역사로 425)

Public transport: O’sulloc Bus Stop. Bus No. 150-1, 250-3, 771-1, 771-2, 784-1, 820-2

Parking facilities are available for free.

2. O’sulloc Tea Museum 오설록 티뮤지엄

From Innisfree Jeju House, one can easily stroll to the next door to visit the O’sulloc Tea Museum. So do remember to plan these two locations together on the same day.

O’sulloc Tea Museum on a rainy day

O’sulloc is THE tea museum one have to visit to appreciate the Korean tea culture on the island. Gifted by its geographical locations, and thus climates, Jeju island is able to cultivate the best types of Korean tea leaves. O’sulloc Tea Museum presents a holistic tea experience to visitors. One can begin the visit through the tea exhibitions which showcases the types of tea cultivation in Jeju and Korean tea culture.

At the end of the short exhibition, one enters straight into the gift shop with tea products made from harvest tea leaves in Jeju. There are various gifts one can choose to purchase back. In fact, do take note that some of the gifts sold there are exclusive to Jeju stores only. Alternatively, visitors can also visit their branchs in MyeongDong to complete one’s shopping list. At times, when the cafe gets too crowded, one can opt for takeaways instead or just get back to Seoul to visit the O’sulloc cafe in MyeongDong too.

O’sulloc green tea garden on a rainy day

During one’s visit, do leave some time to explore the green tea gardens around the museum. One can easily reach them on the opposite side of the road.

How to get here:

Address: 15, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do (제주특별자치도 서귀포시 안덕면 신화역사로 15)

Public transport: O’sulloc Bus Stop. Bus No. 150-1, 250-3, 771-1, 771-2, 784-1, 820-2

Parking facilities are available for free.

3. G-Dragon’s cafe: Untitled, 2017

Yes, it is THE cafe opened by G-Dragon in Jeju. Kpop-lovers, or VIPs, would not want to miss this opportunity to drop by his cafe.

Named as Untitled, 2017, the cafe has moved to a new address, just by Jeju ShinHwa world where YG Republique can also be found.

Other YG-owned restaurants, like 3 Birds, 3 Butcher and 3 Fisherman’s Wharf, and a bowling club named AC.III.T are also located around Untitled, 2017. Together with the ShinHwa Theme Park, one can probably enjoy a day of fun in the YG way.

Enter the café and viola, fans are definitely reassured that they are in the right place inside the Untitled, 2017 – themed café.

Every corner just writes of GD’s presence, from his music works to his interior planning such as the iconic flowers hanging from the ceiling above. Fans can also purchase some of his merchandises from the store too, like coasters, bags, tumbler and mugs.

However, be forewarned that some of the menu items may be slightly more expensive than one would expect.

How to get here:

Address: 38, Shinhwayeoksa-ro 304bun-gil, Andeok-myeon Seogwipo-si, Jeju Phone: +82 64 908 8888

Public Transport: Sinhwayeoksa Bus Stop. Bus 255 serves from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal

Parking facilities are available for free. Airport shuttle buses are available from Jeju airport to Jeju ShinHwa World.

4. Cafe Morebi (@moraebi_jeju)

Summer is all about the Sun and of course, BEACH! While some desires to dive straight into the cool waters, others, like me, prefer to relax by the beach with a refreshing drink in hand. Here, do check out the variety of cafes located by the beaches of Jeju.

For instance, I visited Cafe Morebi in north Jeju, near Jeju City. The cafe receives numerous positive reviews from Korean netizens and were mentioned multiple times in Korean travel blogs.

Fresh pastries are baked at regular intervals to ensure that customers enjoy the best of their baked goods like croissants, cookies and in-house specials like cheese pretzels.

Customers who prefer the beach can take their drinks out by the waters for a spectacular view. Some who prefer sun-tanning can lay back on their beach chairs located right outside of the cafes. Others who prefer the indoor cool can remain under the shelter instead. Isn’t that amazing how considerate the cafe owners are to their customers?

Wait, did i not mention that for those who prefer a quiet time, one can even proceed upstairs where there are “No kids zone” to prevent the chaos and screams from reaching one’s ears.

How to get here:

Address: 472 Haemajihaean-ro, Gujwa-eup, Cheju, Jeju-do (제주 제주시 구좌읍 해맞이해안로 462 월정리 536-4)

Parking facilities are available for free

5. Cafe Eong (@jeju_eong)

Last but not least, I included this cafe/pub which is situated at the start of the Jeju Olle Course Route #5.

It has an interesting name Eong because Olle Course 5 is known as KeunEong. This Olle route brings one from Namwon Port to Soesokkak through a total distance of 14.7 km.

Right before the start of the course, one can enjoy a short break in the cafe with some drinks and dessert to replenish one’s energy.

And when the night comes, perhaps one can also head over for a drink too!

How to get here:

Address: 1398-7 Namwon-ri, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju-do (제주 서귀포시 남원읍 남원리 1398-7)

Parking facilities are available for free

So, be it by the beach to enjoy the waves, or serenity within the lush green tea garden, or to experience heart tingling feeling in G-Dragon’s cafe, these are my recommendations for cafe-hopping in Jeju. After all, what’s a holiday without a cup of drink to lay back, relax and enjoy!

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