Lc9 Showcase in Singapore

LC9’s four days stay in Singapore was filled with a lot of activities. On their day of their arrival, they greeted fan at Bugis Junction for an autograph session. Not only that, they even sang two songs for the fans.

On Saturday, after meeting the media at the press conference, the boys performed at JCube for their die hard fans who bought tickets just to see them upclose.  I love how hyper they are especially when performing “Getting over you”. They even performed a special dance cover of a Chinese song, Bounce which shows a different side of them.

When being asked if they could switch bodies amongst the members, who would they be. King revealed that he would like to be Eden whille Ao want to be Rasa, Jhyo wants to be King, Jun wants to be Ao, Eden wants to be Jun and Rasa wants to be Ao. King also shared that he noticed the fans on Twitter and acknowledge them even though they are not that active on Twitter.

During intervals, fans were invited for a short sing-a-long sesion and Q&A. A lucky Malaysian fan won and was brought up on stage while they perform the ballad, Guilty. She was the envy of everyone as the boys gave their attention to her.

Right after the showcase, fans who bought the photo passes got their picture taken with the boys.  The boys were really sporting as they pose accordingly to their fan’s request. Awww, isn’t that sweet.

Those who did not managed to see them upclose were lucky enough to be able to see them on their television screen. LC9 performed on The Sheng Shiong Show.

If you think their schedule was hectic enough, that was not the end to it. On Sunday, fans who purchased tickets were able to have a high five session with the boys at JCube. The event was also opened to the public which gives them more exposure to new fans who were passing by. The band also performed two songs for the fans during the high five session.

Fans who grabbed the opportunity to eat dinner with the band got their wished on that day. It must be a great experience having dinner with your idols.

In my opinion, the showcase at Jcube is really intimate as fans were able to get upclose and personal with the band.  As a fan myself, I might sound biased but trust me, once you listened to their songs and watched their performances, you will be a fan. You should check out their covers of popular songs from One direction, Justin Bieber, Dynamic Duo, David Guetta and the list goes on. It will blow your mind away!

Thank you East Entertainment for the invitation.It was a great experience meeting the LC9 members.