A Valentine’s Day Beyond Borders – “Oak Cherry Wine” by Jean Tan Feat 양중은Yang Jung Eun

Jean Tan is a local singer-songwriter whose music blends from folk, pop, and jazz under the management of Korean based indie label, Leeway. Released in November 2020, the track EP – Blooms was produced by Singaporean R&B artiste and producer Dru Chen. The EP includes the single, Oak Cherry Wine!


Credits: Canglo

Oak Cherry Wine is a bluesy love song interwoven with inspirations from her personal experiences. It tells the story of Tan’s personal struggles with kidney disease and of the man, who stood by her in the celebratory and difficult moments. The song’s lyrics has a bittersweet tinge and a love that is tried and true. A fitting melody for Valentine’s Day where couples or even family and friends overcome this challenging times through safe social distancing practices and show love in their own ways.

The remix was produced by Singaporean music producer, Feng Lee in collaboration with South Korean YouTube artiste, 양중은 Yang Jung Eun. The surreal experience working across borders during the lockdown in 2020 went well. Tan paired her lyrical sensitivity with Yang’s soothing vocals in creating a fresher sound while staying true to its original composition. The remix is dignified by new arrangements with a lo-fi beat, jazzy push and pull accompanied by the syncopated electric piano completing the tune.


Credits: Canglo

Directed by Stockholm-based Singaporean film director, Mandy Tay, the music video features a pair of lovers dancing through the quotidian scenes of Stockholm city. Traditional meets contemporary, and ballet meets street dance, as the couple whirl around each other in a dream state, swirling like a glass of (oak cherry) wine.

If it is the dinner reservation at that restaurant or a low key movie night indoors, care for your loved ones by being socially responsible. Cling those (oak cherry) wine glasses and stay tuned for the premiere of Tan’s music video that drops today on her YouTube channel.

Stay connected to Tan on her Instagram and Facebook. Listen to the remix of Oak Cherry Wine feat 양중은 Yang Jung Eun on Spotify this Valentine’s Day!

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