Film Review: Detention 返校

Detention was originally a gruesome, spine-chilling game that was released in Taiwan, in which gained huge attention. With its popularity, the game was finally made into a live-action movie. Released on September 20, in just a span of three days, Detention had made NT$67.7 million after its premiere in Taiwan, making them the third highest film grossed within 3 days for a domestic film. Detention was also nominated in 12 categories at the 56th Golden Horse Award and won 5!

Credits: Encore Films

This movie depicts the White Terror martial law (白色恐怖) that took place in 1962. It was the abolition of political dissidents that lasted for 38 years and 57 days. It was highly dangerous where sensitive books were forbidden and freedom of speech were restricted. Mr Chang acted by Fu Meng-po (傅孟柏) plays a teacher in the school who organised a study group for banned books alongside with fellow teacher, Miss Yin with other students.

Credits: Encore Films

Fang Ray Shin acted by Gingle Wang, plays as a female student from Hillside Greenwood High School who is under a counselling program with Mr Chang and they fall in love gradually. Ray Shin got jealous over the intimacy which caused several teachers and schoolmates being tortured to death or executed by informing the high officials about the forbidden group.

As teachers and students kept disappearing, Ray Shin and Wei Chong Ting acted by Tseng Ching-hua from the group woke up in the empty school in the middle of the night only to be confronted by the dark history and of their school and how Ray Shin seeks the redemption of her sins to escape the never-ending nightmare.

Credits: Encore Films

The movie portrays the frustrations and the lacking freedom of speech that was fiercely fought by the veterans Taiwan for the future generations.  It is a reminder for many people on how freedom should be genuinely appreciated and cherished. The horror inputted was not as scary as expected. However, the focus on horror was more than the political background of that era in the movie.

Detention is the horror movie to catch this holidays as it released at the cinemas on December 5!

Thank you Encore Films for the invitation to the screening of Detention!

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