Life-Changing​ Stories at Rayakustika 2019

The annual Eidiladha isn’t just synonymous to sacrificing but it is also a learning process as we insert positivity in our daily lives. Apart from showcasing live music, Rayakustika featured some personalities from different backgrounds. They will be sharing the sacrifices they have made and how they have handled these obstacles in life. Local Malay personalities Nurul Akhmar and Suzairhe Sumari held these dialogues with them.

Marina Yusoff a host, actress and dancer view her children as her main source of inspiration to manage her life. Her children motivate her to keep on pursuing her dreams. She sets a good example on social media to educate her children as well as to her followers to embrace religious activities via her posts. As a parent, she aims to impart great morals to her children.

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Sahri Jumaat is a youth mentor who was once involved in unlawful activities. He appreciates the second chance given to him to repent and change for the better. He felt the need for him to give back to the community. He explains to the youths out there on the importance of life; as not to be easily swayed to make bad choices. He was concerned and would like to spread positive awareness to those in need.

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Finally but not least is Riz Sunawan, a local Malay newscaster who suffers from Motor Neurone disease. He keeps motivated and positive by being surrounded his source of strength, his family and friends. The vasts encouragements and prayers kept him strong, especially ever since he was diagnosed.

Be entertained this Hari Raya Haji with performances by Ryan Sufiyan, Maiya Rahman, NorShafiq Ridzwan, Al-Jawaher and special guest artiste Wany Hasrita at Rayakustika on 11 August, at 8:30pm on Suria!

The Fifth Parlour would like to thank MediaCorp Suria for the kind invitation.

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