Let’s go party party all night with Mayday 五月天

Mayday was in Singapore for a weekend long concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. For three consecutive nights, fans were treated to 3-hour long non-stop musical excitement as Mayday performed songs from their recent studio album History of Tomorrow 自传 AND their past hits. 2017 is also a significant year for the band and their fans as it marks their 20th anniversary as a band.

人生无限公司 Life Unlimited Liability Company, the theme of Mayday’s concert tour, and a play of words on one of the songs included in their album History of Tomorrow. In the song composed by A-Shin and Monster 怪兽 (Leader and lead guitarist), they drew parallel between moder human lives and a company, how each stages of life is represented as a department of the organisation, and questioned about life decisions and choices to make. With this understanding, Mayday hoped that the audience are unleashed from the buckles of life to explore the unlimited potential of what they can be.

Every night, Mayday sang to a full capacity of the stadium. At every concert, audience ditched their seats and stood to every songs performed by the band. Through every song, past or latest release, it seemed like everyone around me already knew the lyrics by heart. And whenever lead vocalist A-Shin 阿信 led the crowd through Mayday’s nostalgic and moving hits like 你不是真正的快乐, 知足 and 干杯, it was no surprise to see fans around tearing.

Mayday’s songs are well-known to be catchy with simple melody accompanied by touching lyrics set to be thought-provoking. This is a significant reason why Mayday has continued to capture hearts of many listeners. In fact, while many Mayday fans have been with them since their debut, there are a high proportion of newly joined Mayday fans too. It is no wonder Mayday has earned the title Taiwanese Heavenly Band 台湾天团 and never failed to bring about breakthroughs in their music creativity.

Here, I would like to share a song which recently got me emotional: Beginning of the End 终于结束的起点. One might be bewildered by the above music video but fret not, continue watching with the video below.

Acute observers might realise that the above music videos are two halves which can be combined into a full music video. Each presents the same love story from the guy’s and girl’s point of view respectively. Such a song presentation brings fans closer to the song that conveys deep longing but best wishes for the special one upon separation, reminding me of a quote from Harry Potter “I open at the close”.

On the last day of their concert, Mayday announced that they would be back in Singapore in Jun 2018, hoping to hold their comeback concert in the National Stadium. In a bigger venue, Mayday hopes to realise the actual blueprints they have planned for this concert tour. Wonder what they have in mind to put together the best experience for their fans? You can only anticipate for their return then!

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