Super rookie Gboyswag 鼓鼓 with his first solo album Make It Real 可以唷

Super Rookie is a title most compatible with Gboyswag 鼓鼓. He is back on stage with a brand new solo album, Make It Real 可以唷.

Credits: 相信音樂官方網站 Bin Music

Before he made his name on stage as a member of the Taiwanese pop band, Magic Power MP魔幻力量, Gboyswag was a drummer performing for Taiwanese diva A-Mei 张惠妹/阿密特. However, his passion for music did not restrict him to just the drums. He proceeded to hone his skills as a DJ and took on a greater role in the band as a composer. Looking back at those days, it seemed as though he has been quietly preparing himself for a greater aspiration as a musician.

Yet this is not all to his name to deserve the title of “Super rookie”. After the separation of Magic Power in 2016, Gboyswag took on a different path from his members and prepared himself as a solo artist. He continued to train hard to become a singer and to produce his solo album. The album, Make It Real 可以唷, was finally released in December 2016.  Take a closer look into his album and one would be amazed at the amount of effort he has put in for it. From the lyrics to melody and dance moves, Gboyswag has unleashed his potential in all aspects.

Gboyswag was recently back in Singapore to promote his album and was the opening act for the Mayday 五月天 concert.

Despite the unpredictable weather at Bugis Junction, fans were still energetic during Gboyswag’s upbeat performances. Not only did he give his best for every songs on stage, he even went closer to interact with his fans.

On the same night, Gboyswag performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium to open for Mayday concert. It is no doubt that Gboyswag has definitely earned the respect and love from many for his dedication and hard work as a musician.

Make It Real 可以唷 is available online and in stores!

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