ALiEN ( 小鬼黄鸿升) Evolution: I’m From A Star

Listening to the song, 拿破仑 Napoléon once was all it takes to get it stuck in my head. The talented and stylish Taiwanese singer Alien Huang 黄鸿升, also nicknamed 小鬼, is back in the limelight with his latest album ALiEN. He was in Singapore on December 27 for a fanmeeting at Bugis Junction.

Returning to Singapore after 1.5 years, Alien was more than just excited to meet with his fans and share with them his new album which comprises of 10 songs which were written by him.

With no surprise, the large crowd of fans at the event welcomed him warmly with cheers and shout-outs of encouragement. Fans who purchased his album got their album autographed and they get to enjoy two special album covers, each differing with Alien’s photo booklet inside.

During the event, Alien performed three songs, 拿破仑 Napoléon, 美丽境界 Yosemite and 我來自那顆星 I’m From A Star, Alien’s personal favorite. In his album, every song was able to capture bits and pieces of Alien himself and his thoughts about what music meant to him.

For instance, I’m From A Star aptly explains the name “Alien” as he often viewed himself different from other earthlings, as though he came from another planet. This was also frequently reflected in his drawings and now his music compositions.

Alien also wishes to convey that music is the power source for him to venture further into space where there seemed no limits for explorations and adventures. While fans may have known him better through his variety show hosting and drama castings, Alien’s music compositions present a slightly different but closer depiction of his imaginative thoughts and deepest emotions in him.

Perhaps this is why ALiEN has been gaining attention, achieving encourage responses on the song charts and reaching out to a larger audience.

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