Pop Rock Band: Set in Motion

Childhood friends turned into band mates. That is how the band, Set in Motion, got together. The Baker brothers, Callum and Harrison, have been playing music since young. Conveniently, Harry live just around the corner and they would come over to jam in his bedroom. When you have three good looking boys playing music together, it is inevitable for them to form a band.

Credit: Set in Motion Facebook Page

To how they decided on the name, it is all thanks to Callum. While in English class, he was reading the phrase, Set in Motion and boom, the phrase seems to be calling him. That is how Set in Motion decided on the band name. Set in Motion plays pop rock. Harrison describe their music as fun and pop which makes you want to sing and dance to it.

Currently, the boys are busy working on their EP. The EP is said to be full of big songs that fans can draw some connection to and be able to dance around their room while singing to it. I’m really curious about the EP and cannot wait for it to be released. So do support the EP once it is out because they are working really hard to get the EP out as soon as possible.

Summer Love got the attention of local radio, HOT FM. They played the song and it was on the charts of the HOT30 Countdown. When the boys got to know about their single being on the countdown, they were overwhelmed to know that they have fans in Singapore. They cannot wait to travel to Singapore and show their appreciation to their Singapore fans.

So who do you think got the most attention from the girls?

Harrison thinks it is Harry because he believes that Harry has a way with the ladies just like all drummers.  Harry is also the athletic one in the band.

Wanna know more about the boys?

Here are 8 random facts about Set in Motion.

1) Harry and Callum have this obsession with basketball.

2) Callum is a computer nerd.

3) Harrison is unsure about what he is but he doesn’t mind going out and having a bit of a party. Other than that, he loves watching tv shows.

4) Harrison use to do a lot of magic as a kid.

5) If Harrison is not in a band, he would probably be a magician.

6) Callum failed his driving test for the first time he went for it.

7) The first time Harrison met Harry, Harry lied and said he owned a sparkly purple pearl drum kit

8) When Callum and Harrison were young, they used to be in a pony club.

This band from Sydney, Australia, in my opinion, will be one of the bands to look forward to. Recently, they have been featured on UK magazine. They are now known in Singapore. What is next for these boys?

Get updated and interact with the boys from Set In Motion on TwitterFacebook Page  and of course, on YouTube: youtube.com/setinmotionlive!

Thank you Adam Wilkinson for arranging the interview and Harrison for taking time to do this interview. 


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